Case study: Client Review


I like the way the report itself is presented. It’s customer-friendly and it guides the client nicely through the whole review process
Lee Whiteside, Plan4Life
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Elements is an excellent system and I have no doubt that as a firm we will fully integrate with it in the months to come. I can see significant time-savings, which is the biggest thing for me because I am a one-man firm. A review report for a client would probably take between two to three hours for me to write, but in Elements it takes 20-30 minutes, so it is a significant benefit.

I like the way the report itself is presented. I think it’s much more customer-friendly – rather than say giving them 16 pages of black and white text. It guides the client nicely through the whole review process, in terms of risk, performance and charges – it’s all in there and it’s nice and concise, as well, which I like.

Ultimately, what the client wants to know as a top line is, ‘How much was my portfolio worth this time last year? What’s it worth now – and hopefully how much have I made? And if I have got a specific goal or objective, am I still on target or not?’

I am committed to Dynamic Planner as an adviser and at Dynamic Planner you are committed to delivering a quality service. That’s appreciated, because it’s not often you get that. Quite often, companies will tick along and take your money each month, but there are no new developments as such. With Dynamic Planner, it’s nice to see a company taking an active part in trying to help financial advisers.

The ability to give feedback on Dynamic Planner’s future development is really good – and everything I have fed back has, if possible, been implemented. It’s great that Dynamic Planner actually listens to customer feedback and takes some action from it.