Cash flow Planning

In the wealth and financial planning process, where can you powerfully add value for a client? How can you give them confidence in the plan you have created for them? And, under the Consumer Duty, clear understanding? The answer: cash flow planning.

Cash flow planning moves beyond the static numbers and brings a client’s financial plan engagingly to life. In one, vivid visual, a client can picture: are they on track to achieve their objectives? What will their regular income be once they retire? Will, one day, there be money left to leave to loved ones?

Increase engagement with a client


Cash flow in Dynamic Planner enables you to efficiently add value for every client, and not just those with the highest net worth. It answers someone’s big questions, inviting them and their adviser to sit and engagingly explore different scenarios. A client may wish to discuss, ‘What if I retire five years earlier? What if I withdraw a lump sum when I do?’ In Dynamic Planner, a slider, linked to someone’s life stages, allows you to intuitively model an answer in moments.

An independent review by ‘The Paraplanners’ said Dynamic Planner was the easiest cash flow planning software they had used, allowing you to share your screen with confidence during a meeting with a client.

Cash Flow Planning Tool


  • Accurately align a client’s cash flow plan to their risk profile
  • Model what will happen in average, below average and above average markets
  • Powerfully engage with your clients and discuss their big life questions
  • Invite a client to enter their own income, expenditure and goals
  • Personalise a client’s plans by marking out goals and milestones

… From someone you trust

Invite clients to engage with the process from the start and securely enter their income, expenditure and their goals themselves. Client-friendly screens can be tailored to your firm and to the individual client. It could not be simpler. Further, cash flow planning is integrated with the rest of Dynamic Planner, so all of a client’s information and latest valuations, already in the system, automatically pull through. There is no need to rekey.

As financial planning technology has become more widely adopted, it has come under increasing scrutiny. The FCA has warned of ‘miscalibration’, when the inputs and outputs of different pieces of technology adopted by a firm fail to align, a potential indicator of harm under the Consumer Duty.

Dynamic Planner eliminates this by using a single definition of risk. Adopting it, you can align a client’s cash flow plan to their risk profile and avoid having to decide and enter your own growth assumptions.

Investments do not grow at a single rate of return, so why should a cash flow plan? Dynamic Planner uses a powerful Monte Carlo forecaster, calibrated by its institutional-quality Asset Risk Model, to stochastically project how a client’s portfolio, in line with their risk profile, can be expected to behave in average markets, in above average markets and, testing their capacity for investment risk, in below average markets.

Furthermore, Dynamic Planner forecasts real returns, net of inflation, so it is robustly valid when considering the impact of inflation, the impact and risk of which is built in, in the Monte Carlo forecaster.

Its ease of use is very good. I love the fact it really makes you hone in on the client fact find and what is a business plan for their household finances.
Kevin Walsh
Home & Finance
The way you can quickly forecast different levels of expenditure for the client really helps with your conversations, because, often, clients haven’t nailed what their ambitions really are for retirement. If you were using another tool, you would have to start again, which is all extra effort.
Gordon Crothers
Attain Wealth Management
Dynamic Planner’s Cash Flow is so easy to navigate. Clients are engaging with it well. I almost can’t wait to sit down with them properly, so they can grab my laptop and say, ‘What happens if I retire here? Or here?’ To have that engagement with a client is so important. I see that as the real plus point with Dynamic Planner.”
Dominic Quibell
Lifetime Wealth

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