Client Review

Today, your firm faces the regulatory demand of delivering an annual review for every client, reviews which represent hours and hours of work. How do you complete them efficiently, while effectively demonstrating your ongoing value to clients? Dynamic Planner’s Client Review process gives you the solution.

It will save your business significant time. Today, Dynamic Planner users are creating a review report for a client in 35 minutes or less. A comparative, October 2023 industry average was more than 4.5 hours. In between reviews, deliver to your clients meaningful, digital engagement through Tram, your new app powered by Dynamic Planner and coming later in 2024. Tram demonstrates your ongoing value under the Consumer Duty in the palm of your clients’ hands. You can ‘register your interest’ and let us update you as Tram prepares for 2024 launch.

Clear communication tailored to your client

Create and house your own library of reports, ready to share with clients at different stages of your financial planning process. Remove sections to shorten a report for your client. Tailor wording and analysis in line with a client’s understanding and needs. At a firm level, customise reports with your logo and own, full-page images to mirror your business’ brand, which your client recognises and trusts.

Final reports you produce for a client in Dynamic Planner prepopulate, at the touch of a button and automatically pull through key information. There is no need to rekey. Information and insights are seamlessly collated and presented to a magazine-quality level.

In line with the Consumer Duty, key information is prominent and immediate, in an easy to read, table format. The latest update of your client’s investment journey flows from beginning to end, without you having to switch tools or systems. Language and analysis are engagingly consistent, enabling your client to quickly value and trust your communications with them.


  • Demonstrate your firm’s value with magazine-quality digital reporting
  • Communicate with clients in simple terms they understand
  • Save time meeting the annual MiFID II requirement
  • Reports prepopulate with a client’s details and valuations
  • Edit default reports and powerfully make them your own

Clear communication tailored to your client

Dynamic Planner Investment Progress Review Report

In line with FCA Consumer Duty guidance, key information is immediate, in easy to read, table formats. For your client’s investment journey, latest progress flows from beginning to end, without you having to switch tools or terminology. Clear headlines help your client navigate, while simple language and powerful analysis enables them to deep dive into different sections if they wish.

The spotlight shines on your client and, aligned to Consumer Duty outcomes, their understanding of their progress, with the quality of Dynamic Planner reporting equipping them to make informed, timely decisions which best serve them. Every client, however you tailor your communications, receives the same, professional level of reporting, which they grow to value and trust, and helping you consistently deliver good outcomes.  

Dynamic Planner’s Client Review changed everything for me. It’s brilliant. Before, I was giving my paraplanners so much paperwork to input. Now, I sit with the client in real time. The whole process becomes much more interactive.”
Louise Jones
Ivor Jones & Co
I completed a review for a client the other day in about 20 minutes. Obviously, nothing much was required and if a review is more complex, it will of course need more time. But what Dynamic Planner has allowed me to do is review around 100 to 120 clients each year and have greater capacity, definitely.
Nick Ryan
Yellow Bear Financial Consultancy
What it creates is an agenda for review meetings, allowing you to follow the same process each time. And that’s how I frame it to clients, ‘This is what we will cover each year: has anything changed? Are we on track? And do we need to change anything?’ The report from Dynamic Planner drives everything.
Stuart Cardozo
SWC Independent

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