BNY Mellon Multi-Asset Income Fund moves from Risk Rating 6 to 5

By BNY Investment Management The BNY Mellon Multi-Asset Income Fund is moving from risk bucket 6 to 5. In this blog we consider the rationale for this re-classification. As of 17 May 2024, the BNY Mellon Multi-Asset Income Fund (MAIF) has been reclassified as Dynamic Planner Risk Rating 5. This reflects the fund’s robust risk […]

Dynamic Planner boosts DFM research capabilities

Dynamic Planner, the UK’s leading risk based financial planning system, has added a new level of granularity to researching and reviewing the performance of DFM model portfolios. As part of Dynamic Planner’s continued expansion of its in Research capability, past performance for over 900 DFM MPS solutions currently risk profiled has been added and Dynamic […]

What eye tracking tells us about presenting past performance to clients

by Dr Louis Williams, Head of Psychology and Behavioural Science How do your clients interpret past performance? Is the information you provide valuable, or could it be leading them to make poor decisions? Under the consumer understanding outcome of Consumer Duty, the FCA wants firms to support customers to make informed decisions by giving them […]

Finding balance in a concentrated investment world

By Andrzej Pioch, Lead Fund Manager, L&G Multi-Index Funds A typical broad global equity benchmark has around two-thirds of its stocks domiciled in the US1. Perhaps unsurprisingly, global equity indices therefore share the majority of their top 10 constituents with US equity indices, and the typical overall portfolio overlap between the two is currently over […]

Positioning for the end of the cycle

Fidelity Portfolio Manager Talib Sheikh discusses the current outlook across the income complex and why high-quality assets are prudent given the risks to growth. What is your investment outlook for 2024 given the prevailing macro environment? Risk appetite grew significantly towards the end of 2023. Strong economic data in the US and falling inflation gave […]

Which way next for multi-asset?

As inflationary fears ease, multi-asset investors should ignore wider market distractions and stay focused on investing in the right asset classes, at the right time for the current stage of the financial cycle, says Newton head of mixed assets investment, Paul Flood. Key points: Both threats and opportunities abound in current markets with inflation high […]

The case for Infrastructure in 2024

By TIME Investments Market landscape Inflation has been one of the key macroeconomic drivers of investment performance over the last 18 months and this will likely persist into 2024, albeit to a lesser extent. We have however started to see a shift, with annual inflation in the UK and other Western major economies now well […]

Finding your DFM

By Sarasin & Partners Just how does an adviser go about identifying the best MPS providers for their specific needs? Increasingly onerous regulations are prompting many IFAs to partner with discretionary fund managers (DFMs), and utilise platform-based model portfolio services (MPS). That said, choosing the right DFM partner can be daunting. So how does an […]

Behavioural biases in fund selection

by Paul Pugh, Head of Strategic Alliances, Canada Life Asset Management At Canada Life Asset Management (CLAM), we understand that having the most effective tools at your disposal, especially when markets are volatile, can help you deliver more attractive gains for your clients. Themes we explored in detail at March’s Dynamic Planner Conference included: The […]

Elections, rates, AI and China – Four disruptive themes shaping the multi-asset outlook

Sunil Krishnan from Aviva Investors highlights the key themes for multi-asset investors to monitor in 2024. Read this blog to understand: The potential impact of elections on global markets Why the odds of a soft landing for major economies have improved How artificial intelligence could improve corporate productivity The prospects for stronger growth in China […]

Scottish Mortgage – From headwinds to tailwinds

By Baillie Gifford Opportunities like this are rare. In recent years, companies in Scottish Mortgage have faced combined headwinds from slowing growth, reducing earnings estimates and multiple compression. As we move into 2024 and beyond, those headwinds are being replaced by tailwinds. Growth at a company level remains strong. Profitability is improving well. And to […]

Dynamic Planner response to FCA publication – ‘Undertaking cash flow modelling to demonstrate suitability of retirement-related advice’

By Steph Willcox, Head Actuary, Dynamic Planner The FCA is concerned about how firms prepare and use cash flow modelling. It has reviewed firms’ usage and provided guidance on how to improve the quality of cash flow modelling for clients. Dynamic Planner welcomes the review and is pleased to see the FCA-desired approach to cash […]

AI: Hero or villain?

By Mark Coles, Business Development Director – Head of National Accounts, Evelyn Partners Artificial intelligence (AI) is much more than designer robots, promising to bring automation and digitisation – and significant disruption – to multiple industries. It could deliver solutions to some of the world’s largest problems, from climate change to worsening demographics, but others […]

RSMR brings Passive Plus MPS range to wider market

RSMR has introduced its Passive Plus MPS range to the wider market, using an investment approach that has been successfully applied to individual bespoke portfolios for six years, on both an advisory and discretionary MPS basis. The Passive Plus portfolios comprise chiefly RSMR-rated passive funds, plus targeted exposure to RSMR-rated active funds, to add diversification […]

How to find joy in difficult times

by Leila Thomas, CEO and Founder, Urban Synergy Happy International Women’s Day? I’m never quite sure if this is a day to celebrate or commiserate. As we inch towards a more equitable society, ONS figures show that women still earn 7.7% less than men, and according to research by the Runnymede Trust* for Black Caribbean […]

International Women’s Day 2024 #InspireInclusion – What does it mean to 3 people at Dynamic Planner?

With 45% of team members at Dynamic Planner being women, we are truly inspiring inclusion. For International Women’s Day 2024, we asked three women what embracing equity means to them. This is what they said. Kate Gower, Product Owner “At Dynamic Planner, International Women’s Day isn’t just a celebration, it’s a daily practice. From promoting […]

The digital future of financial planning

By Ben Goss Back in the late 1990s, I left my job to found an internet startup. I remember the sense of possibility at that time, the expectation that everything would change. And, 25 years on, so it has proved. From banking to buying car insurance to planning a holiday, we do everything online, and […]

We’ve built the digital future of financial planning, for the advice industry to use today

Published 5th March Speaking to over 700 financial planning professionals at the 12th annual Conference for Dynamic Planner, the UK’s leading risk based financial planning system, CEO Ben Goss said: “We live in the most extraordinary of times, the speed of change is unprecedented, and technology is driving this transformation. “In the advice industry, we […]

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