Introducing new technology can be daunting. People learn at different paces and in different ways. Through expert support at every step, Dynamic Planner can allay your concerns and instead, showcase the significant benefits of adopting one financial planning system.

Dynamic Planner is developed in partnership with advice businesses like yours, creating a final user experience which intuitively works the way you do and fast-forwarding the need for long training sessions. But once you adopt Dynamic Planner, you are never alone.

We are here to help you at every step

At Dynamic Planner, a whole team are waiting to support your firm at every step. You will have an easy point of contact on Dynamic Planner’s dedicated Client Success team.

Join them for friendly webinars, breaking down the advice process into clear parts: client profiling; cash flow planning; and reviews, recommendations and research. Licence holders are always free to join. 

If you prefer to learn by doing, Dynamic Planner supports that. Wherever you are in the system, click and watch a 1min video taking you through a task. If you prefer at any point, longer  videos are available on-demand in a dedicated Support Hub, where you can also find downloadable PDF guides, and Frequently Asked Questions.

Schedule training sessions, delivered remotely by Dynamic Planner’s Client Success team, exclusively for your firm.

Dynamic Planner is intuitive to use. We took on a new team member recently and in only two weeks, she was able to help me with annual reviews for clients. Straightforward for her and stress-free for me.
Simon Drake
Bainlye Drake Wealth