Introducing a new piece of technology across a firm and organisation can be disruptive. Lots to learn and introduce. New processes; deprecating olds ones; people learning at different paces and with different levels of enthusiasm.

However, through expert support, tailored to you at every step, the experienced team at Dynamic Planner can fast alleviate those stresses and concerns, and quickly help you realise the significant benefits of adopting one financial planning system.

Technology shaped by you, for you

Dynamic Planner is developed in close partnership with wealth and financial planning professionals to create a refreshingly intuitive user experience which negates the need for long onboarding sessions.

Members of your team can drop-in, 24-7, to the Dynamic Planner Support Hub, where they will find short and longer training videos, guiding you through the system. To suit individual learning preferences, there are downloadable User Guides; answers to Frequently Asked Questions; and due diligence material explaining the how and why behind different Dynamic Planner processes.

Dedicated support, dedicated to you

If you or your teams need extra help, at Dynamic Planner we have a whole team waiting to support you, whether it is a dedicated Account Manager appointed to your firm, or whether you simply reach out to Dynamic Planner’s Client Success team direct.

You can join members of the team for regular webinars and walk throughs of a popular process in Dynamic Planner. Schedule training sessions delivered remotely or in person by the Client Success team, exclusively for teams at your firm. Or come along and attend friendly sessions making up Dynamic Planner’s annual programme of events, which mix face-to-face and virtual throughout the year.

Dynamic Planner CPD events focus on latest enhancements to the system; exclusively preview what’s coming next on the Dynamic Planner roadmap; and, for your own due diligence and understanding, deep dive into Dynamic Planner’s institutional-quality investment research.

Dynamic Planner is intuitive to use. We took on a new team member recently and in only two weeks, she was able to help me with annual reviews for clients. Straightforward for her and stress-free for me.
Simon Drake
Bainlye Drake Wealth