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In a landscape today defined by good consumer outcomes, Dynamic Planner is home to the institutional-quality research your firm can trust. It provides you with the greatest confidence and accuracy when matching clients with suitable investment solutions. It digs deeper, underpinning recommendations you make with meticulous rigour.

Research is delivered by Dynamic Planner’s in-house and independent team, who are focused on looking beyond a top-level view of asset allocation, which, like the tip of an iceberg, can fail to reveal hidden and potentially harmful risks.

Dynamic Planner’s risk analysis is uniquely robust, drilling into a solution’s underlying holdings, which are shared directly by the fund’s manager, and provide you with a granular assessment of its risk in relation to Dynamic Planner’s 72 asset class asset risk model. The correlations and covariances of each holding are carefully unpacked to reach a final risk profile for a solution.

Whether you recommend to your clients multi-asset, discretionary MPS, or build your own model portfolios, you can trust deeply in Dynamic Planner’s institutional-grade analysis.

Quarterly suitability process

Dynamic Planner’s whole risk profiled fund universe is analysed each quarter, so you can always be confident of a good outcome for your client. There are 1,650+ risk profiled solutions, from 140+ leading asset management firms.

Solutions include 900+ MPS from discretionary managers; for even greater suitability, solutions which target investment risk; solutions which defend against sequencing risk for your clients who take money from their portfolio each month; and solutions independently and uniquely rated ‘Premium’ or ‘Select’, flagging strong performance over the past five and three years, respectively.

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  • Access whole of market, independent investment research
  • 1,500+ solutions risk profiled each quarter for ongoing suitability
  • Accurately match a recommendation with a client’s risk profile
  • At a firm level, create fund shortlists. Or build your own model portfolios
  • Powerful asset allocation model proven during market crises post-2005

Strategic asset allocations

In 2005, aligned to its asset risk model, Dynamic Planner created benchmark strategic asset allocations, representing the most efficient portfolio, at the heart of high and low boundaries for each of its 10 risk profiles.

In the construction and management of client portfolios, you can accurately assess the investment risk and return implications, relative to the respective benchmark allocation, and confidently deviate from the benchmark. In 2018, notably, the FCA adopted Dynamic Planner’s benchmark strategic asset allocation criteria in its Investment Platforms Market Study.

Dynamic Planner is the only provider of its type to publish performance of its strategic asset allocations, which you can track back daily to their creation in 2005. Their performance is calculated and published independently by global analysis provider MSCI, which further partners with Dynamic Planner to provide you with leading ESG research and ratings for solutions.

Single Strategy Mapped Service

When building your own model portfolios, you can research solutions by asset class. Look out for specific asset class solutions with a Single Strategy Mapped badge, to give you the greatest confidence and accuracy when building a portfolio.

Single Strategy Mapped solutions are analysed at an underlying holdings level, with data direct from the fund manager, enabling Dynamic Planner’s team of analysts to reach an independent assessment of risk in relation to Dynamic Planner’s 72 asset class asset risk model. Single Strategy Mapped solutions themselves do not possess a risk profile, but accurately feed into overarching risk analysis of your model portfolio.

We have our own Investment Committee and create fund shortlists and stick to them as much as possible. Very nearly all funds on those shortlists are risk profiled in Dynamic Planner.
Jack Igglesden
Radcliffe & Co

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