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Whatever type of investment solutions you recommend to your clients, Dynamic Planner is the home to institutional-quality research you can trust.

Whether you recommend multi-asset, or MPS; construct and manage your own model portfolio solutions; or whether your firm is both manufacturer and distributor, Dynamic Planner enables confident oversight of your centralised propositions, underpinned, at its heart, by suitability and good client outcomes.

Dynamic Planner’s Investment Services team independently risk rate 1,700+ solutions each quarter, so you can be confident of its current and ongoing suitability for your client. The team work with more than 150 leading asset management firms, receiving details of solutions’ underlying holdings and objectives, to provide you and your client with the most accurate picture of its expected risk and return.

Proven Asset Risk Model

In nearly two decades since 2005 launch, Dynamic Planner’s Asset Risk Model has performed within Value at Risk targets throughout times of elevated market risk, including the 2008 global financial crisis, and 2020 and the beginning of Covid. Capital Market Assumptions [expected returns, volatilities and correlations] and Dynamic Planner’s benchmark asset allocations, aligned to its 1-10 risk scale, are reviewed quarterly to enable changes in response to significant market events.    

In the construction and management of client portfolios, accurately assess the risk and return implications, relative to a benchmark allocation, which represents the most efficient portfolio at the heart of high and low boundaries for a risk profile.

Dynamic Planner enables you to confidently construct solutions and deviate from benchmark allocations. It partners with global index provider MSCI, enabling you to review and benchmark portfolio or solution performance in current and, dating back to 2005, historic market conditions.

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  • Access whole of market, independent investment research
  • 1,500+ solutions risk profiled each quarter for ongoing suitability
  • Accurately match a recommendation with a client’s risk profile
  • At a firm level, create fund shortlists. Or build your own model portfolios
  • Powerful asset allocation model proven during market crises post-2005

360-degree client profiling

Dynamic Planner provides you with the deepest insights into a client, a 360-degree view of their profile and their characteristics from a risk, sustainability and today a vulnerability perspective. The system, which is integrated with 20+ leading platforms and providers, and more on the horizon, enables you to guard against what the FCA has termed ‘miscalibration’ in the wealth and financial planning process.

It uses the same assumptions for risk profiling your client, investment solutions, and for cash flow planning. Underpinning that, language and analysis in all reporting you produce and share with a client is consistent, supporting their understanding and equipping them to reach informed decisions in their best interests.

Research rebuilt for good outcomes

Today, Dynamic Planner has been refashioned and rebuilt post-MiFID II and PROD, to enable you to identify the needs, characteristics and objectives of a client or a group of your clients; avoid foreseeable harm; and deliver good outcomes. 

In Dynamic Planner, you can identify your different target markets, or client segments, at a sufficiently granular level by key characteristics; risk and sustainability profile; and by complexity of product. To save time at your firm, you can link the relevant investment research to your target markets. Accompanying suitability wording you have compiled, supporting a final recommendation, automatically pulls through to a report for your client. It can be efficiently replayed at the click of a button.

Investment research tailored to you

In Dynamic Planner, you can research and recommend to a client multi-asset and MPS solutions which, for added suitability and consistency of returns, target investment risk. You can research multi-asset and MPS solutions which smooth the volatility journey for clients in decumulation. At an overarching level, you can create shortlists of investment solutions ready to disseminate to your teams of wealth planners and advisers. And you can build and manage your own model portfolios by researching solutions by specific asset class.   

In Dynamic Planner, access 1,700+ independently risk profiled solutions, including 950+ MPS from discretionary managers. Extend your product governance and complete whole of market product and platform research, quickly cross referencing which platforms house which investment solutions, and vice-versa. 

We have our own Investment Committee and create fund shortlists and stick to them as much as possible. Very nearly all funds on those shortlists are risk profiled in Dynamic Planner.
Jack Igglesden
Radcliffe & Co

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