Investment Research

Whatever type of investment solutions you recommend, Dynamic Planner is home to all the research you need.

Access whole of market research of 1,650+ multi-asset solutions, including 900+ model portfolios from discretionary managers. Solutions are independently risk profiled each quarter to ensure their ongoing suitability for your clients.

They include funds which target a level of risk, for even more consistent outcomes for clients; solutions for your clients who are in decumulation, which smooth the volatility journey; and uniquely, solutions rated for their superior performance over the last five and three years.

At a firm level, you can create and save shortlists of solutions. Or you can build and manage your own model portfolios. However you work, in Dynamic Planner, your firm has confident control of your centralised propositions.

In-house Investment Services team

Dynamic Planner’s in-house Investment Services team work with more than 150 asset management firms, receiving details of a solution’s underlying holdings and objectives to give you and a client the most accurate assessment of its expected risk and return.

Your firm can keep your investment research overarching, at a top-level, or you can drill down more deeply when required. Dynamic Planner’s institutional-quality research works on every level.


  • Access whole of market, independent investment research
  • 1,500+ solutions risk profiled each quarter for ongoing suitability
  • Accurately match a recommendation with a client’s risk profile
  • At a firm level, create fund shortlists. Or build your own model portfolios
  • Powerful asset allocation model proven during market crises post-2005

Single definition of risk

Dynamic Planner is an end-to-end financial planning system which uses a single definition of risk. All processes within it seamlessly align and avoid what the FCA has termed ‘miscalibration’ in the advice process, when the inputs and outputs of different pieces of technology a firm uses are misaligned.

Dynamic Planner powerfully adopts the same assumptions for risk profiling clients, investment solutions, recommendations and for cash flow planning. Furthermore, the language and analysis used in reports, when your firm communicates at different steps of the process, is the same, so a client grows to know and value it, and trust it.

Today in Dynamic Planner, you can complete product and platform research, extending the suitability of final recommendations you make. Efficiently cross reference which platforms house which solutions, and vice-versa. Check which solutions sit on which investment platforms.

Dynamic Planner’s research has been rebuilt post-MiFID II and PROD, and is designed to enable you to identify the needs of an individual client or a group of clients. Once you have, complete due diligence on whether there is foreseeable harm, referenced by the Consumer Duty, and that solutions enable client objectives.

In Dynamic Planner, you can group clients by age, wealth, risk and sustainability profile, needs and by objective. To maximise efficiencies, save completed investment [a fund shortlist or model portfolios you manage] and product research to your client target markets.

Asset Risk Model

Dynamic Planner is known for its Asset Risk Model, which launched in 2005. Since then, the model has performed within Value at Risk targets throughout periods of elevated market risk, including 2008, Covid and the invasion of Ukraine.

Nonetheless, your firm can use Dynamic Planner’s research and choose not to follow the benchmark asset allocations for its 10 risk profiles. Dynamic Planner enables your firm to accurately assess the risk of any combination of assets, so that you can safely deviate from the benchmarks – which provide your firm with a perfect starting place, falling within the centre of the boundaries bookending the respective risk profile.

Analysis in Dynamic Planner highlights the consequences, in terms of risk and return, of diverging from a benchmark asset allocation. Dynamic Planner partners with MSCI, the author of some of the most used indexes in the financial world, to enable you to review portfolio performance against the benchmark asset allocation, in both current and historic market conditions.

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We have our own Investment Committee and create fund shortlists and stick to them as much as possible. Very nearly all funds on those shortlists are risk profiled in Dynamic Planner.
Jack Igglesden
Radcliffe & Co

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