Commentary from the Church House trading floor

By James Mahon, Joint CIO, Church House Investment Management [27 Sept 2022] September saw a further deterioration in markets, culminating in a disorderly end to the period with steep falls for equity and bond markets, and the makings of a currency crisis. The US Federal Reserve raised the Fed Funds Rate by 75bp (now up […]

Understanding the impact of currency risk

In light of elevated economic and market volatility unfolding globally, and the UK government’s recently announced major tax cuts and increases in government borrowing, the rapid plummet in the value of the Pound and UK gilts has been truly eye-watering. Below, is insight from the Dynamic Planner Investment Committee, to add a more practical perspective […]

News from the Investment Committee – Annual asset allocation review

Following the rapid economic bounce back from Covid lockdowns, the Investment Committee [IC] had become increasingly concerned about the impact of rising inflation expectations, taking hold at a time when the level of economic and geo-political uncertainty remains elevated. This environment presents many challenges when constructing risk-adjusted asset allocation benchmarks, particularly given the sensitivity of […]

Dynamic Planner launches Product and Platform Research

Dynamic Planner has launched Product and Platform Research, ‘fit for the future tech’ which gives advisers the ability to research investment and retirement products, whilst meeting the evolving needs of clients and regulation. Part of Dynamic Planner as standard, Product and Platform Research is available to Dynamic Planner users from today and comes with all […]

Consumer Duty – Time to get your retirement ducks in a row

By Bordier UK The FCA has now published its final Consumer Duty rules, with a definitive implementation date set for July 2023. There is now no excuse for adviser firms to have not begun their preparations, especially given that a firm’s board (or equivalent) must have agreed and signed off on their Consumer Duty implementation […]

What to do about inflation?

By Dynamic Planner Investment Committee [Aug 2022] Dynamic Planner’s Investment Services team and the independent members of the Investment Committee [IC] have been identifying the risks of rising inflation and interest rates for a considerable time, being actively discussed at the quarterly meetings and reflected in decisions taken. This quarter is no different. As the […]

Markets cyclicality and why it’s critical to be bold rather than fearful in today’s markets

By Sam Liddle, Sales Director, Church House Investment Management Whether it’s shifting interest rates, soaring inflation, or heightened geopolitical tension, there’s a lot of short-term risk and uncertainty on the table right now. The reality is investors are quite right to be cautious – a look at the volatile performance of any major index since […]

Somebody else’s problem – Outsourcing and infrastructure

By Chris Jones, Proposition Director If I were governing an island nation and wanted to connect to the mainland, I would have a number of choices. Would I go bridge, or would I go tunnel? More importantly, would I pay for it from the public purse, or would I outsource for it to be built […]

Dynamic Planner welcomes significant investment from FPE Capital

Leading UK software focused private equity growth firm backs Dynamic Planner’s management team and ambitious growth plans Dynamic Planner’s independent focus and strategy will remain 14 July 2022: Dynamic Planner, the UK’s leading risk based financial planning system, has welcomed a significant investment from FPE Capital. The investment from FPE, a leading UK software focused […]

No investor is an island

If you lived and worked on an isolated island community, and you were able to source everything you needed from your fellow islanders, retirement would be a relatively simple thing to plan.

Active management and the bright side of volatility

By Cantab Asset Management The last decade has seen significant asset price appreciation, accommodated by expansionary monetary policy. Alongside this, periods of uncertainty have led to spikes in volatility. Whilst recent levels of Quantitative Easing are unprecedented in historical terms, volatility and market corrections are not. This note considers the relationship between active management and […]

Supercharge your advice process – 5 ways to maximise use of new Client Access

It has been a busy spring at Dynamic Planner. We have several, exciting new product features to help make your advice process even more efficient and engaging for your clients.

Why the 60/40 portfolio could once again have its day in the sun

By Sam Liddle, Sales Director, Church House Investment Management For a long time, the 60/40 approach to portfolio management was perfectly effective. Offering a combination of equity-like returns and stable income, it allowed investors to participate in any market upside, while at the same time offering protection during periods of volatility. Simple. However, the approach […]

Importance of remaining invested

By Brooks Macdonald Several major global events – including most recently the coronavirus pandemic and the Russia/Ukraine situation – have prompted investors to flee financial markets, but history shows this could have been a mistake. In this article, we discuss the importance of remaining invested and how missing the best performing days could have led […]

The evolution of our sustainability ratings and research

By Fidelity Our investment team discuss how we are evolving and enhancing our sustainability research and ratings. Find out more about how we are moving away from solely using ESG as a risk management tool, with an increasing focus on delivering real world change. In recent years, we have seen rapid growth in interest in […]

Five common sustainable investing myths debunked

Whilst the number of investors who would like to make a positive impact to society and the environment continues to grow. We still encounter misconceptions that prevent some from taking the plunge. This piece dispels some of the common myths associated with sustainable investing.

Dynamic Planner Portfolio Review

Canada Life Asset Management Portfolio Funds

Canada Life Asset Management Portfolio Funds offer a straightforward and cost-effective solution to the challenge of choosing a mix of investments to suit the investment needs of a broad range of clients. They offer you simplicity, significant time savings and – crucially – the reassurance that the funds will remain appropriate for the risk appetites […]

Have we forgotten about the concept of a market cycle?

By Sam Liddle, Director, Church House Investment Management How will central banks respond to current global tensions? It’s one of the most important questions any market participant can ask right now. The scene has long been set for an extended period of aggressive hiking to address rampant inflation resulting from years of ultra-loose policy. The […]

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