News from the Dynamic Planner Investment Committee – Sept 2023

Dynamic Planner’s Investment Committee (IC) met on Monday 24 July with the main task of reviewing the inputs and outcomes from the optimisation process for setting the 2023/24 strategic benchmark asset allocations. The IC discussed the anticipation of a ‘return to normal’ for financial markets as yield curves should normalize to an upward slope given […]

PortfolioMetrix Core funds now risk profiled on Dynamic Planner

Dynamic Planner, the UK’s leading risk based financial planning system, has again expanded its universe of risk profiled funds to include PortfolioMetrix’s three Core funds. New to Dynamic Planner, PortfolioMetrix is a discretionary investment manager which helps independent financial advisers to deliver expected outcomes for their clients. PortfolioMetrix builds portfolios that ‘fly in formation’, this […]

Not all MPS invest equally. Avoiding the dangers of ‘group think’

By Casterbridge Wealth Investing is often made to appear more complicated than it needs to be, and sometimes conventional wisdom isn’t really wisdom at all. Nothing proves this more than the damage wrought by bonds during 2022. The so-called ‘risk-free’ asset proved anything but, and bond market falls in the region of 30% would have […]

Dynamic Planner partners with M&G Wealth to help advice firms ahead of Consumer Duty implementation

Dynamic Planner, the UK’s leading risk based financial planning system, has partnered with M&G Wealth to launch bulk valuation integration. The partnership underlines Dynamic Planner’s commitment to expanding its ecosystem of integrated partners so that advice firms can enjoy the full benefits of integration, and at a critical point, when everything is about to be […]

Dynamic Planner launches Financial Wellbeing Questionnaire to meet requirements of Consumer Duty

Dynamic Planner, the UK’s leading risk-based wealth planning and financial advice system, is set to launch a Financial Wellbeing Questionnaire on Friday 16th June. It has been designed to enable advisers to identify vulnerability characteristics in line with Consumer Duty. Its development and creation has been led by Dynamic Planner’s Head of Psychology and Behavioural […]

The evolution of multi-asset investing

By BNY Mellon Investment Management Multi-asset investing has come a long way since the days when the 60% equity – 40% fixed income portfolio was the only game in town for diversification-seekers. Today, the marketplace has become markedly more sophisticated, with fund managers selecting from a rich array of assets. But have these funds become […]

Dynamic Planner Investment Committee – Update Q2 2023

The Dynamic Planner Investment Committee met on Thursday 27 April and reflected on the wider financial sector frailties following the fall-out of the Silicon Valley and First Republic Bank collapses in the US. In Europe, the dramatic loss of confidence in Credit Suisse led to a deposit run-off at digitally enabled speed and a wipe-out of its statutory capital […]

Forging a path to progress

By Lucy Haddow, Investment Specialist, Baillie Gifford In July 1938, amid a turbulent political and economic backdrop, a team of German and Austrian climbers finally conquered the north face of the Eiger, a mountain in the Alps that had stolen many souls in the pursuit of a successful ascent. While the problem had been cracked, […]

Dynamic Planner launches latest Consumer Duty support as thinking shifts to delivery

Dynamic Planner has added to its range of Consumer Duty support to help advice firms take control of implementation. Advisers can now download a free guide which puts technology and Dynamic Planner at the heart of taking on all of the challenges thrown up by the imminent deadline for open products and services. Dynamic Planner […]

Einstein, Benjamin Graham and Napoleon

By David Macfarlane, Director, Discretionary Wealth Management, HSBC Asset Management We know there is an opportunity cost from not investing, particularly given the current inflationary pressures, but it’s important we help clients understand that short-term worries about market volatility shouldn’t override their long-term objectives. Einstein is rumoured to have said that ‘compound interest is the […]

Sustainable multi asset investing

By M&G Investments Sustainable Multi Asset Team Despite the pandemic and the recent slowdown in global economic growth, the take-up of sustainable investment strategies continues to expand, forming a permanent fixture in the investment landscape for millions of private and institutional investors the world over. Opportunities across the spectrum of sustainable investing continue to grow, […]

The benefits of outsourcing and model portfolios

By Evelyn Partners Financial advisers are accustomed to scrutiny. From Know Your Customer to Treating Customers Fairly, they have long had to prove that they are acting in the best interests of clients. However, this scrutiny is likely to move up a gear over the next 12 months, as Consumer Duty rules, a cost-of-living crisis […]

Celebrating five years of the truly active, low-cost, CT Universal MAP range

By Keith Balmer, Director and Portfolio Manager, Multi-Asset, Columbia Threadneedle Investments In 2017, Britain invoked Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, triggering the initiation of proceedings to break away from the European Union. The Brexit vote, of the previous year, had been merely advisory, activating Article 50 meant there would be no turning back. It […]

Dynamic Planner scoops ‘Best Technology Provider’ at Professional Adviser Awards

Dynamic Planner has been awarded ‘Best Technology Provider’ at this year’s Professional Adviser Awards. The award assessed how providers had demonstrated innovation in the last 12 months while putting their adviser clients front-of-mind throughout. Yasmina Siadatan, Sales and Marketing Director at Dynamic Planner said: “This week has marked Dynamic Planner’s 20th Anniversary, and to be […]

When will central banks cease tightening?

By Tim Drayson , James Carrick, Legal and General Investment Management Markets suggest the US has almost reached an inflection point, while the UK and Europe have further to go in their battles against inflation. Prospects for the global economy are mixed, at best, this year: While the US should follow the UK and Europe […]

Are valuations too attractive again to ignore?

By Damien Lardoux, Head of Impact Investing, EQ Investors The level of market volatility seen in 2022 can be disorienting for even the most experienced investors. In challenging markets such as these, we can use valuations to gauge the attractiveness of the stock market over the next few years. With a current valuation multiple of […]

Will the 60/40 portfolio rise from the ashes?

2022 was one of the worst years on record for a US 60/40 portfolio. Here, Louis Finney and Nicole Goldberger, from the UBS multi-asset team, explain the appeal of diversifying exposures beyond traditional stocks and government bonds. For much of the past 25 years, investors have benefitted from a consistently negative correlation between equities and […]

Is there life yet in the 60/40 portfolio?

Is the 60/40 portfolio really dead? Newton Investment Management Head of Mixed Assets Investment Paul Flood and Portfolio Manager Simon Nichols see diversification and yield potential in bonds and certain areas of equities markets . The bond bear market may have been seen as the final nail in the coffin of the 60/40 portfolio, but […]

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