By Ben Goss

Back in the late 1990s, I left my job to found an internet startup. I remember the sense of possibility at that time, the expectation that everything would change. And, 25 years on, so it has proved.

From banking to buying car insurance to planning a holiday, we do everything online, and increasingly on our mobiles. The pace of change has been unprecedented. New digital technologies such as mobile, AI and personalised content have the power to transform your business. Not tomorrow but today.

At Dynamic Planner, we’re focused on harnessing their full potential to scale your success. In the advice industry, we have our own megatrends. Consumer Duty requires ongoing servicing to be delivered to customers in return for ongoing fees. Capital is being invested at unprecedented levels and demand for advice is outstripping supply.

A two-year development. A 20-year dream

According to the FCA, 4 million people received advice in 2022, but 10 million could have benefited from it. We know from our research and conversations with you that you’re bullish about the opportunities. But we also know that there are some material challenges that stand in the way of your ability to create the capacity in your business that makes profitable growth possible.

Heavyweight engagement models that rely on formal ‘advice episodes’, with their accompanying compliance overhead, suck up time for advisers and clients alike. So, at Dynamic Planner we asked ourselves, what if we could change these for you? What if we could remove the blockers and create more capacity for you digitally?

Our latest innovation at Dynamic Planner is designed to help you scale your success with engaging financial planning that is valued by the client, and that is less work for your firm, not more.

We’ve been working on this development for the last two years, but it’s something we’ve dreamt about for 20: the idea of helping you put a financial plan in the palm of the client’s hand.

Your new app by Dynamic Planner

We want to help you enhance your digital provision in a Consumer Duty world and demonstrate the ongoing value of your services. We want to enable you to engage clients via a meaningful digital experience. And we want to create capacity in the advice process, to drive the productivity gains you’re looking for.

We’ve built the digital future of financial planning, Tram, your new app powered by Dynamic Planner.

It’s a clean canvas your business can white label and enables your clients to check that their financial plans are on track. It is somewhere they can feel reassured, supported, and special. They can read regular content which is targeted to them. And they can securely message you.

First thoughts from advisers and clients

During early trials of Tram, what have businesses like yours said? Here’s one adviser: “We’ve been really, really impressed. The app itself is aesthetically pleasing and has a premium feel. And the content is a real USP and sets it apart. It adds to our proposition and provides the client with a great experience.”

Consumers themselves, who have been granted early access, have said of Tram: “Clear, crisp, and simple. My information being available was seamless and easy to get to the point where I could get started. The biometric login was very helpful. Having access to the app means I don’t need to speak to my adviser as often. I can see myself checking this on a weekly basis.”

Exciting, to say the least.

I feel the same possibility now that I did back in the late 1990s. Technology is transforming financial advice and there is so much we can achieve. We look forward to working with you in the year ahead to help you maximise the value of Dynamic Planner, to your business and to your clients. I feel confident that together we can scale your success.

Tram, your new app by Dynamic Planner. Register your interest and as nears launch later this year, we’ll keep you on track with its progress.