RSMR has introduced its Passive Plus MPS range to the wider market, using an investment approach that has been successfully applied to individual bespoke portfolios for six years, on both an advisory and discretionary MPS basis.

The Passive Plus portfolios comprise chiefly RSMR-rated passive funds, plus targeted exposure to RSMR-rated active funds, to add diversification and/or dampen down volatility. The range is aimed at advisers and their clients who prefer the simplicity and lower charges of passive funds, but who are concerned about the relative risk of 100% passive exposure, or fear missing out on the opportunities that active funds can access.

The portfolios will be risk profiled by Dynamic Planner on a quarterly basis. Platform availability is via abrdn Elevate, abrdn Wrap, Aviva, Fidelity Adviser Solutions, Nucleus, Quilter and Transact.

Ken Rayner, RSMR CEO, said: “We’re very pleased to introduce our Passive Plus range to the wider market. Since launching RSMR 20 years ago, researching funds for advice businesses has been the bedrock of our business.”

Stewart Smith, Head of Managed Portfolio Services at RSMR, said: “The passive plus strategy has worked really well for advisers and their clients in a variety of markets. For our passive exposure, we select RSMR-rated funds from a range of fund groups such as Fidelity, HSBC, iShares, Legal & General and Vanguard. The exposure to RSMR-rated active funds, sitting alongside the larger exposure to passive funds, is targeted where it can add value.”