Case study: Client Review

Ginkgo Financial

It is difficult to realise how we ever did it before. For sure, I would not be able to look after 250 clients without Dynamic Planner. No way. And that is with a support team.
Daren Wallbank, Chartered Financial Planner
Ginkgo Financial, part of Quilter Financial Planning
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A key benefit of Dynamic Planner is the increased professionalism of reports for clients. Before, we were producing Word-based documents, which lacked that professionalism that a client feels they are paying for. With Dynamic Planner, reports are colourful, glossy, and full of detail and analysis. Clients see what they are paying for, which makes such a difference. They feel they are receiving value for money.

It is so much easier too, to create those reports. Before, trying to get data into a Word document, it was so time-consuming. And the quality of the output for the client was poor. Now, the time it takes to produce a report is minimal and the output is so much better. From where we were, it is unbeatable.

       Key benefits

  • Improved presentation of client reports
  • Quicker creation of client reports
  • Better consumer understanding outcomes
  • Demonstrate value more clearly to clients
  • Quicker, more robust valuation integrations
  • Integrated cash flow planning

Efficiently delivering advice, at scale

It is difficult to realise how we ever did it before. For sure, I would not be able to look after 250 clients without Dynamic Planner. No way. And that is with a support team. We can all logon to Dynamic Planner and see what is happening, and where we are with completing reviews for clients.

99 per cent of clients love the new reports. The one per cent may say it is ‘too much information,’ but they do appreciate that it is there, whereas before it was difficult for them to understand what was being communicated. Whether a client is interested or not in that detail, they can see that we are as their financial adviser. That is what they are paying us for: to look after the detail. These reports now demonstrate that we are.

More dynamic reporting for client reviews

Before, it was around two hours’ work for us to produce a post-meeting review report. On our team, we had a member of staff and that was their sole job. Within two months of us using Dynamic Planner, they had left, because they did not have a job anymore. The time and cost-saving of Dynamic Planner is tremendous.

I can now have a meeting with a client; create the report while we are talking; talk through the report; download the report and send it to the client, all within half an hour of the meeting ending.

Before, we only ever produced reports for clients post-meeting. Now we create and share a version of the review report with the client pre-meeting and share with them an updated version straight after. We are beginning to complete a second annual review for some clients, and we can instantly see now what was discussed last year. The record is there in Dynamic Planner at a click of a button.

In reports we create for clients in Dynamic Planner, we have tailored them to include all our firm’s own images and branding. We now have a whole suite of documents we produce for clients, which flow together and is valuable for us as a business.

Better platform and provider integrations

A key timesaving with Dynamic Planner is getting client valuations directly from providers. Historically, we have had problems integrating with providers. They can drop out when you try. We sometimes then must contact the provider even simply to logon to their system. Now being able to get most client valuations, at the click of a button, within Dynamic Planner has helped a lot.

Yes, getting information initially over from our CRM into Dynamic Planner did represent a piece of work, but now it is in Dynamic Planner, which is where we focus – using that for valuation updates. It is quicker to login to Dynamic Planner to update your client’s information, than it is to login to the provider’s site and update it that way.

A lot of the client’s data comes in straight from a review to the cash flow planning in Dynamic Planner. We like that. It enables you to illustrate to a client what they are aiming to achieve. There was a period where we were getting used to it, but now we are, we have ditched the separate cash flow tool we paid for previously.

‘Change to Dynamic Planner. Change your life’

At a Quilter event, I recommend Dynamic Planner to anyone and everyone. It is one of the first things I ask, ‘Are you using Dynamic Planner yet? If you are not, change your life… because it will.’ People only have good things to say about it. It has made such a difference to us, in terms of enabling us to be efficient servicing clients. It is a great tool for looking after your clients and demonstrate that you are.