Case study: Fund Research

Advantage Wealth Management

Dynamic Planner is instrumental to our investment proposition, I would have no hesitation in recommending it
John McMahon, Advantage Wealth Management Ltd
Advantage Wealth Management Ltd
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At Advantage Wealth Management we give clients holistic advice, which includes insurance, mortgages and wills alongside the core of the business – investments, pensions and protection.

We first started using Dynamic Planner in 2015. We left the 2plan network and Compliance First (which is part of SimplyBiz) in March 2017 and moved direct to Dynamic Planner. This version is so much better than the one we were using previously.

When we were with Compliance First, we used Dynamic Planner, as so many advisers do as a risk profiler. We didn’t have access to its Portfolio Suitability Hub and Dynamic Planner’s fund research and recommendations. We felt that was hugely important to us and to our process.

We now build model portfolios in Dynamic Planner and we find we are able to extract more information from the system. Cashflow planning and investment solutions are available and can be stored within Dynamic Planner using it to its full capacity.

It has been the right decision for us to go direct to the Financial Conduct Authority. They are an excellent resource. The freedom to choose the right suppliers is very important to us and that was the main reason behind our decision to become directly authorised.

Our background prior to Advantage Wealth Management was working for insurance companies, banks and legal institutions. Compliance, therefore, has always been part of our backgrounds and we are used to that discipline and method of working.

Dynamic Planner is instrumental to our investment proposition. We use multi-asset solutions for investments up to £100,000. Over £100,000, we use model portfolios, multi-asset and other bespoke solutions.

The more information you input into Dynamic Planner, the better the information you are able to obtain. It’s very good at consolidating, visualising and summarising information for clients in an easy to understand way. That’s where it is really beneficial.

Dynamic Planner can produce an Investment and Retirement Financial Plan Report which summarises everything you are recommending. That’s where Dynamic Planner has helped to make our process more efficient and professional. I would have no hesitation in recommending it and have done so in the past.