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Susan Hill Financial Planning

For me, Dynamic Planner really works. There is so much regulation involved today with ongoing service for clients, which is why Dynamic Planner’s Client Review is really good.
Susan Hill, Susan Hill Financial Planning
Susan Hill Financial Planning
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I really offer my clients a financial plan and strategy, so that they can enjoy the lifestyle they want and that they don’t run out of money in their lifetime. Sometimes you have to rein clients in and say, ‘Look, you’re spending too much money’ – because worrying about money can be stressful, so I see my job as an adviser as taking that stress away.

For me, Dynamic Planner really works. There is so much regulation involved today with ongoing service for clients, which is why Dynamic Planner’s Client Review is really good.

I was at Tenet’s head office last year and they were talking about formalising your firm’s review process for clients and making it auditable. I was speaking to someone and they simply said, ‘Have a look at this’ and it was a copy of a Dynamic Planner review report. I looked through it and thought this is exactly what I’m looking for.

I love technology and love the way it integrates with other systems, so I don’t have to rekey figures. I was slightly behind with my annual reviews at the time, so I started using it and I was suddenly completing about 10 reviews a week and was able to complete all my annual reviews in two months.

I put my own spin on the reports and make it very personal, and I say to clients, ‘Do you like it?’ And they say, ‘Yes, love it’.

The client review process

First thing I would do for a review is go into Dynamic Planner and send the client a link and an invitation to complete the risk questionnaires. Clients normally do it within 24 hours. Once I have their answers back, I can then start to put the review report together.

It gives you a framework for reviews for clients; it allows you to demonstrate your value to a client, who has a high net worth; and, gosh, does it save you time. You’re not looking all over the place for information to include – it’s there all in front of you; you just drag it in.

Before I used Dynamic Planner, it was taking me about six hours to do a review for a client. Now, Dynamic Planner is saving me two hours per client – at least. For 60 clients, that’s 120 hours over the year. That’s three weeks’ worth of work.

Clients like the format of the report and they like the fact that they know now what they’re getting. It comes out as a really nice document and just makes everything really easy. The report also allows you to put your charges in and for smaller clients it can highlight to you that they’re not as profitable. They may be taking up too much of your time – and I have now reduced the number of clients I manage, as a result.

Lockdown help and customer support

Dynamic Planner has helped even more during the lockdown this year. We’ve been able to send clients a link to complete their attitude to risk, prior to a meeting and people have had time on their hands, so they have been getting on with it. I sent one link out and it came back within five minutes! Any technology today which is cloud-based is going to help businesses. Dynamic Planner and Intelligent Office are the backbone of my business: I couldn’t exist without them.

I absolutely value the support I receive from Dynamic Planner’s Client Success team. It’s a big part of what Dynamic Planner provides and does. Everyone on the Client Success team are so good at what they do and the fact that you can simply phone them up makes it so easy. Customer service is so important.

If I was encouraging you to use Dynamic Planner I would say, ‘It should be an integral part of your business to help you stay compliant and produce documents for clients – which can be audited – in a very efficient way, because it is integrated with everything else you do’. I wouldn’t be without it. Would I recommend Dynamic Planner to another firm? Yes, absolutely – and I have done.