Case study: Client Review

GK Financial Solutions

Dynamic Planner's Client Review provides a clear, compliant structure for meetings. It drives your review meetings and makes it a lot easier to record them.
Gary King, GK Financial Solutions
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Dynamic Planner produces an impressive report, which demonstrates to your clients that as a firm you are professional and you know what you’re doing. Hand in hand with that, it demonstrates that as a firm you have a far better proposition for clients – certainly than I know I had before.

Client Review will definitely help me when I am face-to-face with clients. For example, early in the report there is a section titled, ‘Your progress at a glance’ which highlights objectives, risk, performance etc. and flagging whether that is on track or requires attention. That then becomes the agenda for the review meeting. As an adviser, you can ask the client, ‘What is your level of risk? How is your portfolio performing? Is it still meeting your objectives?’

In that sense, it provides a clear, compliant structure for the meeting and it drives your review meetings and makes it a lot easier to record them as well. Again, you can say to the client, ‘We’ve discussed your objectives; we’ve discussed your attitude to risk; and we’ve discussed your current arrangements, their performance and any concerns you had’.

I like Dynamic Planner. I first got access to it through Compliance First before quickly getting a direct licence, so I could get full access for things like Dynamic Planner’s iPad app, because of the GPP work I do a lot of. On an iPad, I can complete a risk assessment with a client face-to-face, I can get them to sign it and then we can discuss and agree fund solutions all at one meeting, which is crucial for that type of work. Without Dynamic Planner, I would be having to to-and-fro a lot before reaching a suitable outcome.

It is a lot better than other companies, who perhaps either don’t allow customer feedback or simply want to tell you how to run your business. Dynamic Planner encourages and gives you good opportunity to feedback, which I am very happy with as a client. You know that revisions to the software will then come, taking on board your comments, so you can see it evolve. Long may that continue.