Q&A: How one advice firm is managing existing and new clients during Covid-19 crisis

The coronavirus crisis has turned lives and habits upside down, almost overnight, in 2020. All of us, across the UK and globally are coping and managing the best we can. From 17 March in the UK, huge numbers of us, following government advice, began working from home indefinitely, against the broader backdrop of being increasingly […]

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2020 market shocks shine light on underlying dangers for clients in decumulation

When we think of investing, we think about building up and growing a lump sum. A technical term used for this is accumulation. However, an increasing number of clients are now at a time when they need to spend that money – and a technical term for this is decumulation. Many clients in decumulation are, […]

Unprecedented market losses shocked us all – Latest Dynamic Planner analysis and opinion

Between 16-19 March, financial markets, as we had known them, were a thing of the past. If one took data from the S&P 500 since 1927 and the FTSE 100 from 1984, and calculated the largest single day losses, two days in March 2020 make the top 10 largest ever single day losses – only […]

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Q&A: One adviser’s experience of the Covid-19 crisis

The coronavirus pandemic – with enormous speed and significance – has impacted almost every aspect of our lives in the UK in recent days and weeks. From mid-March, huge numbers of us began working from home indefinitely, against the broader backdrop of being increasingly told by the government to avoid trips outside and contact with […]

Chris Jones Propositions Director at Dynamic Planner

Client Review process designed precisely for volatile times like this

Our natural desire for human contact creates a logistical challenge clearly, at the moment. Obviously, we’re used to seeing people face-to-face and currently that’s simply not possible. I would urge you to look at Dynamic Planner’s Client Review process and report that we put together and released exactly for times like this. Within the report, […]

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Q&A: How is one advice firm managing the impact of Covid-19 and self-isolation?

The coronavirus pandemic – with enormous speed and significance – has impacted almost every aspect of our lives in the UK in recent days and weeks. Early last week, huge numbers of us began working from home indefinitely, against the broader backdrop of being increasingly told to avoid trips outside and contact with others. The […]

Valuations forgotten during period of panic – Latest Dynamic Planner market analysis and opinion

It is at times like this that you realise the importance of being able to buy things. There was a time in the past where it was easy to do so – but now that it’s suddenly more difficult, you wish you had stockpiled when you had the opportunity. We didn’t know that all of […]

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Working from home? What 3 users say about Dynamic Planner’s customer support

Working remotely has, today, suddenly shifted from a nice-to-know option for many of us – to an essential choice we are nearly all having to make. But what about the technology and devices you are using? Do they work as smoothly outside the comfort of the office? If, for whatever reason, they don’t and you […]

The time for calm is when the urge to panic hits its peak. Why we’re calm, despite market volatility

When you see empty shelves in the supermarkets and people panic buying on TV, you can’t stop feeling that you are going to miss out – even though all the experts tell you that you won’t. In much the same way with investment portfolios and despite the fact that we knew that we were taking […]

Dynamic Planner Updates: March 2020

This month, we can announce a new feature within the client review process to help you and your firm in more turbulent market times. We have updated our review report template to provide space for your firm’s own market commentary. This provides you with space in the report to outline prevailing market conditions for your […]

‘What keeps a fund manager awake at night?’ – 6 Chief Investment Officers debate 7 key issues impacting global markets today

The Chief Investment Officer Panel – where leading UK fund managers debate the big issues of the day – is always a real draw at Dynamic Planner’s Annual Conference. This year was certainly no different. On 5 February, fittingly amidst the history and heritage of the IET in London, six CIO’s, or their equivalents, gathered […]

Jim Henning - Head of Investment Services

2020 trade deals: The new growth policy lever?

Dynamic Planner Investment Committee – Q1 2020 Update Global growth levels were muted for 2019, but forecasts are for a modest pick-up in 2020 for the G7 economies. The US still stands out among the advanced economies, given the current full employment and strong retail sales growth. With 2020 being an election year, there have […]

“Dynamic Planner’s Client Review has revolutionised my service for clients. I’m really proud of what we’re doing now”

Annual suitability reviews for clients are today being delivered by advice firms against a backdrop of greater fee transparency and more volatile markets than was typical in the long bull run following the global financial crisis. As a result, firms have come under pressure to deliver reviews – very often representing their core income – […]

The importance of fact finds: Go beyond the client’s words, urges the FCA’s Debbie Gupta

The FCA’s Debbie Gupta delivered an impassioned and heartfelt keynote at the climax of Dynamic Planner’s 2020 Annual Conference, at the IET in London. The industry regulator’s Director of Life Insurance and Financial Advice Supervision presented to delegates for approximately 20 minutes before opening things up and taking questions from the audience. Debbie was relaxed […]

Dynamic Planner Updates: February 2020

We’ve had a great start to the new year with our Annual Conferences in Manchester and London and multiple product announcements to keep us busy! Alongside developing all these new services, we’re continuing to develop and evolve our current features. One common theme across all new areas of Dynamic Planner is the quality and presentation […]

Jim Henning - Head of Investment Services

How can industry react to rising tide of interest in sustainable investments?

By Jim Henning, Head of Investment Services As we started 2020, it wasn’t long before further disturbing news about climate change grabbed the headlines – the wildfires raging in Australia; the last 10 years in the UK being the second hottest in the past 100 years; and Mark Carney’s – the outgoing Governor of the […]

Transforming your firm’s client relationships in 2020

At the heart of any successful business are great client relationships, which is why I want to share with you some of the amazing successes firms are having with Dynamic Planner – using it to take engagement with their clients to the next level, while removing huge amounts of time, cost and risk in the […]

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Dynamic Planner unveils 2020 plans at Annual Conference

28 January 2020: Dynamic Planner’s multi-million pound Elements upgrade programme is on track to deliver one system covering all financial planning needs for a firm. It includes; risk profiling and reviews, whole of market product, platform and DFM research, alongside independent investment research and an upgraded cash flow module. Firms will no longer need to […]

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