By Product Manager Josh Knight

It is hard to believe that this month already marks a year since we first made Dynamic Planner’s Client Review process available.
‘Elements’ is our rolling, two-year programme of major updates and enhancements to Dynamic Planner, focused on providing you with a sleek and modern set of business processes that allow you to efficiently service your clients and showcase the real value of your advice.

From a technology perspective, the team at Dynamic Planner have worked hard to build a platform on which we can quickly iterate and build out new functionality, and rapidly respond to user feedback and suggestions. Built using the latest technology and cloud services from Microsoft, we have been able to build out processes that work across a range of devices with a focus on usability and high-quality outputs.

Having had a great response to the Client Review process, we have made several further significant enhancements over the past year – and, as always, a birthday is a good opportunity to look back over what has been achieved.

Below are just five of the hundreds of features and enhancements we have implemented in the last 12 months.

  1. We have refined the navigation. Since launch, we have continued to evolve the navigation and layout of Elements, ensuring that as we add more complex tasks and functionality, everything remains clear and straightforward from a user perspective.
  2. We have helped make more and better use of the data we capture. We updated the Client Review process to store an ongoing list of portfolio valuations, so as you come to review the same clients again in future you can always re-use previous valuation, minimising the need to input data and making the whole process even faster
  3. We have given more and more power to you to customise and brand your report outputs. You can now upload your own logo and imagery to ensure that reports Dynamic Planner generates represent your brand and firm – which, of course, is what your clients know and trust. Later in the year, we went further and allowed you to customise the colours used for each report section
  4. We have added support for showing portfolio and / or fund performance versus our risk profile benchmarks. The indexes track the underlying performance of Dynamic Planner’s asset risk model going back to 30 September 2005 and its launch – enabling you to review and track the performance of funds against their Dynamic Planner risk profile asset allocation within the Client Review process
  5. We have made an improved risk profiling process available. You can now complete risk profiling in Elements, using the same questionnaires and process you know, but enjoying the improved screen designs and higher quality reports

As we now look forward to the next 12 months, there are a number of exciting new launches and features we are planning. Stay tuned to find out more over the coming weeks and months.

As ever, we hope you find the enhancements a useful update to Dynamic Planner – and your feedback as clients is vital to helping us continue to improve and enhance the Dynamic Planner service for you. Please leave any feedback you have, however small, in the feedback portal. We do read it all!

If you have a query, you can always contact our Client Success team on 0333 6000 500 or at Thank you.