Dynamic Planner has been selected as the best by award-winning financial adviser group Tenet to provide its members with risk profiling and asset allocation investment processes. 

All Tenet appointed representatives and directly authorised clients of TenetSelect will be able to use Dynamic Planner to risk profile their clients, enjoy full, two-way integration with Intelligent Office [iO] and tap into the independent, whole of market fund analysis and research of 1,300+ funds each quarter.

Ben Wright, Business Development Director at Tenet, said: “Dynamic Planner is recognised as the market leader in this space. As well as offering full integration with Intelligent Office, this deal will significantly enhance our offering, helping members deliver an efficient and accurate service, as well as enriching their end-client experience of the risk profiling and annual review process.”

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Tenet as part of our wider focus on ensuring suitable advice and investments are provided to all. Having taken part in a rigorous due diligence process and been selected as the best in the market, we are looking forward to servicing hundreds of Tenet firms over the next six years. Using Dynamic Planner, Tenet advisers will enjoy flexibility when risk profiling their clients. They will be able to access online, academically proven psychometric profiling questions – via email and synced back to Dynamic Planner – completed by the client in a time and place of their preference. Other options include the iOS app, at a computer with the client, or on paper.

To recommend suitable investments, they can access Dynamic Planner’s independent, whole of market research and select from more than 1,300 funds risk profiled every quarter. They will also quickly be able to view Tenet’s approved fund list to further recommend investments from and will be fully aligned against Tenet’s policies and procedures. This process is robust and effective.

We are confident Tenet firms will now have access to the very best risk profiling and asset allocation investment services, helping them increase efficiencies in their back office and review processes, select suitable investments and clearly demonstrate the value they bring in the advice process. We’re committed to helping Tenet advisers drive their businesses forward and are proud that Dynamic Planner will now be an integral element of their investment process.

A huge warm welcome to Tenet members from Dynamic Planner. We look forward to working with you over the coming years to future proof your advisory firm, bringing you compliance benefits, increasing your efficiency, reducing the number of back office systems you rely on, and providing someone to turn to at every step of the journey.

To get set up, please contact your Tenet representative and we look forward to servicing you.