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At Dynamic Planner, we are proud in our 16-year history to have helped thousands of UK firms advise more than one million end clients using our service. But we are not stopping there.

Eighteen months ago, the message we received from you and your firms was unequivocal: you needed a new review process which was quicker, easier and which delivered good client outcomes.

Now, 18 months later, we are excited to unveil the new Dynamic Planner Client Review, providing confirmation for your clients of ongoing suitability, delivered in a beautiful, magazine-style report created at the touch of a button.

The time-savings are significant. You can dramatically reduce what previously would have taken hours into only minutes. This not only improves processes and the wider working environment for everyone at your firm, it makes clients with smaller portfolios more viable for the business – and frees time for you to get out of the office and catch up with clients face to face more.

Our new Client Review has been designed in close partnership with advisers, for advisers and is the culmination of a year and a half of development work. It has, at its core, our asset and risk model, which enables you to showcase your investment proposition with confidence in meetings with clients. It promotes a holistic, objective-based process driven by financial planning not product planning.

“It’s the way forward for me as an independent adviser,” said Dmitry Morgan of Morgan Financial. “It puts me in the same position as large national firms, in terms of their very slick presentation and will definitely save me time.

“I think it’s unique and streets ahead of anything else potentially available for independent advisers.”

The report produced provides a clear and comprehensive framework for discussing recommended changes you feel may be required for a client’s portfolio to remain suitable, meeting the higher regulatory bar set at the start of 2018 by MiFID II – and all without leaving Dynamic Planner.

It future-proofs your firm in that sense, because it enables you to clearly demonstrate the value that you bring to your client relationships, particularly in that regulatory environment of highlighting charge disclosures. It also allows you to utilise intuitive technology – on your mobile, tablet and desktop – to significantly increase efficiencies and encourage greater collaboration in your business with colleagues and with clients.

“Dynamic Planner is way ahead of the pack with this,” said Nick Ryan of Yellow Bear Financial Consultancy. “I can’t imagine why an IFA wouldn’t buy Dynamic Planner as a result.”

Clients will value the final review report that you deliver to them, in print or digitally if you prefer to save on paper and they will quickly and easily understand it. Reports can be powerfully personalised to your firm, allowing you to utilise your own library of images to display on the front cover, for example.

Everything is delivered clearly in one, simple document and to such a high level that smaller independent firms can immediately enjoy the polish and presentation of peers, who are members of larger regional and national networks.

All of this is delivered in Dynamic Planner Elements, which represents a multi-million pound investment – the largest we have made in our 16-year history – over the next 24 months in a rolling programme of significant upgrades.

Elements is a fresh, new way to utilise and access the analysis and services you love from Dynamic Planner. All screens have been re-designed from the ground up to better support your advice process – helping deliver our long-held vision of seeing suitable advice and investments be made available to all.

“I don’t think there is anything else out there like this – it’s a new document for a new process, which, because of MiFID II, advisers have to produce now,” said Chris Miller of Miller Associates.

“Dynamic Planner is ahead of the game in financial services, making this available for advisers. It is investing in technology in Elements. It’s revolutionary.”