2021 Annual Conference

Chaired by the business journalist and presenter Adam Shaw. This year’s conference was like no other. The events of 2020 shifted the way we all communicate with people. The previous eight Dynamic Planner Annual Conferences have been all about connection and community, that is why this year we delivered the annual conference, broadcast style, into the homes of our community, allowing us to connect virtually.

In a day of insight, attendees enjoyed panel debates featuring industry CIO’s and leading members of the media. What do UK and global markets look like post-Brexit and as economies bid to recover from Covid? Attendees had the opportunity to hear from top asset managers and their take on topics. Plus, in his 2021 Conference keynote, Dynamic Planner CEO Ben Goss discussed the future of financial planning technology at a pivotal time for firms.

A packed agenda

Keynote from Adam Shaw: Business opportunities of the future; Lessons from the world’s richest entrepreneurs
Keynote from Ben Goss: Transforming the way clients see you 
Cash Flow Panel: Deepening client relationships with cash flow modelling in 2021 
Chief Investment Officer Panel:
Keynote From Naomi English: Managing Director of ESG Product Strategy at MSCI. Lifting the curtain on ESG ratings
Press Panel: 2020 from the media’s perspective 
Keynote from Gerd Leonhard: Futurist, humanist, author and CEO, The Futures Agency. The next 10 years: How to develop a future mindset and make better decisions today

What our attendees said about conference 2021

“If it was a face-to-face Conference, I would have stood up and given Ben and his team a standing ovation.”
2021 Annual Conference attendee
“I found the whole thing engaging, I thought I would have switched off and left hours ago. What a truly well designed and packaged conference.”
2021 Annual Conference attendee
“Thank you Dynamic Planner for hosting such a great event. I am very excited to attend the next one.”
2021 Annual Conference attendee
“Today was a great event and one that I am very excited to attend again! I would say the panel discussions were the highlights for me. They gave some great insights and it was really engaging to listen to others views!”
2021 Annual Conference attendee
“This was by far and away the most professional CPD that I have attended since the beginning of lockdown last year. It was a great day and I got a lot out of it. My congratulations and thanks to all involved.”
2021 Annual Conference attendee
“It was THE best virtual conference of the pandemic, or perhaps ever! And what a session on ESG. The best I’ve seen on the subject by a country mile.”
2021 Annual Conference attendee

Our 2021 conference Partners

Conference keynote recordings

Adam Shaw Keynote

Award-winning journalist Adam Shaw looks at unexpected results of previous crises and what lessons we can learn from them in light of today’s pandemic. Adam then spotlights successful business leaders and what they have in common.
Watch the recording

Ben Goss Keynote

The Annual Keynote from Ben Goss, the CEO and co-founder of Dynamic Planner. Hear him discuss the future of financial planning technology, how it’s been impacted by the last 12 months and how the industry is set to respond moving forward.
Watch the recording

Cash Flow panel debate – with Financial Advisers.

Deepening client relationships with cash flow modelling in 2021 – Hear from advisers who have adopted Dynamic Planner Cash flow to support their clients during the pandemic and in the process, have grown both their relationships and practice.
Watch the recording

Naomi English Keynote

A rare chance to hear exclusively from the Managing Director of ESG Product Strategy at MSCI.
Watch the recording

Press Panel

2020 from the media’s perspective. Editors from leading industry titles live to tell the tale of 2020 and, in a rare opportunity, transparently discuss the role they play in financial services.
Watch the recording

Gerd Leonhard Keynote

The next 10 years: How to develop a future mindset and make better decisions today – With Gerd Leonhard, futurist, humanist, author and CEO, The Futures Agency. An internationally renowned speaker, who focuses on ‘people, planet, purpose and prosperity’.
Watch the recording

Partner breakout session recordings


Risky Business – Multi-asset approaches to risk
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Inflation: is it time to think about real returns?
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Your CIP/CRP – why off-the-shelf MPS is not the only answer
Watch now

Brooks MacDonald

A bumpy road ahead? 2021 market outlook
Watch now

Canada Life

Should risk profiled funds surprise clients?
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Financial advice in the age of disruption – how are advisers and clients adapting
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JM Finn

Planes, Jazz, Jonny, Tammy & Doctors
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The untold stories of responsible investing
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How To Build A Robust ESG Portfolio
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M&G Investments

How to invest today to solve tomorrow’s challenges
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An Introduction to Ruffer LLP
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Outsourcing – good for clients, good for business
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Capturing Income to deliver the Financial Plan
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Previous speakers

Naomi English

Managing Director, ESG Product Strategy, MSCI

Gerd Leonhard

Author, Futurist & Humanist, CEO The Futures Agency

Yasmina Siadatan

Sales & Marketing Director, Dynamic Planner

Debbie Gupta

Director of Life Insurance and Financial Advice, FCA

Adam Shaw

Business Journalist and Presenter

Simon Jack

BBC Business Editor