Annual conference

What happened on that day?

Our Annual Conference is all about connecting and engaging, and our 10th edition this February was no different. Delegates had the opportunity to hear from industry experts sharing their insights on retail investment services and financial planning technology. From hybrid working and regulatory challenges, to delighting your customer: once again advisers from across the industry came, engaged and shared in a unique day in the industry calendar.

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A packed agenda

Keynote from Adam Shaw: our Conference host, business TV presenter Adam Shaw, gave his unique perspective on politics and the economy
The future of financial planning technology: CEO Ben Goss explored the latest technological advancements from Dynamic Planner
Adviser Panel Debate: your peers in the industry discussed the challenges and opportunities for advice firms in the months ahead
The CIO Panel Debate: the UK’s top Chief Investment Officers from leading investment houses discussed the burning issues of 2022 retail investing
Keynote Speech: Rt Hon Lord Deben, our fantastic guest speaker rounded off the day with his passionate speech on sustainability

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What our attendees said about conference 2022

“I thought the whole event was exceptionally well organised, very interesting and extremely topical. The CIO sessions I found particularly useful given the current market volatility!”
2022 Annual Conference attendee
“The update on the progress being made by Dynamic Planner was fantastic. I thought it was a good line-up of presenters and they covered some very topical areas which I found of interest.”
2022 Annual Conference attendee
“The CIO was great, with everything that is going on in the world at the moment along with rapid changes in industry, it was good to see and hear others opinions/forecasts for the future.”
2022 Annual Conference attendee
“Very insightful conference. I look forward to future developments from Dynamic Planner.”
2022 Annual Conference attendee
“Great conference – thanks for asking us to be a part of it! Looking forward to next year!”
2022 Annual Conference attendee
“Great presenters, well done to Adam Shaw for keeping things moving along at pace.”
2022 Annual Conference attendee

Our 2022 conference Partners

Partner breakout session recordings

Keynote from Adam Shaw British Business Journalist and Presenter for the BBC and ITV

Adam talks to us about his views on the economy and politics through the eyes of a broadcast journalist
Watch now

The future of financial planning technology has arrived; The Dynamic Planner big reveal from CEO Ben Goss

Ben Goss unveils a series of industry beating technological advancements delivered live from Dynamic Planner
Watch now

Panel debate – With Financial Advisers

A panel debate with financial advisers representing the full spectrum of firms today. What is their experience in 2022? Their challenges? And their successes?
Watch now

Panel debate – With Chief Investment Officers

A Dynamic Planner Conference highlight. Hear from top CIO’s, sharing their views on the very latest in investments and markets in 2022.
Watch now

Keynote – With Rt Hon Lord Deben, Chairman, Committee on Climate Change

A passionate advocate for the power of financial services to drive transformational change in the world today. Powerful insight from a key figure and industry expert.
Watch now

Previous speakers

Naomi English

Managing Director, ESG Product Strategy, MSCI

Gerd Leonhard

Author, Futurist Humanist, CEO The Futures Agency

Adam Shaw

Business Journalist and Presenter

Debbie Gupta

Director of Life Insurance and Financial Advice, FCA

Alastair Campbell

Communicator, Writer, Strategist

Simon Jack

BBC Business Editor