Here you’ll find all the information you need to get up and running Dynamic Planner – which Tenet Group has selected to enable member firms to match their clients with suitable portfolios through engaging financial plans.

Dynamic Planner is an end-to-end, risk-based financial planning system, combining intuitive financial planning technology with a trusted, independent asset risk model. It is a complete and yet flexible system for all of a firm’s planning and suitability needs, using an independent standard for risk profiling throughout to ensure nothing is ever lost in translation in the planning and advice process.

See Dynamic Planner in action

Watch this video for an overview of how the technology works and how it could benefit your business.

Dynamic Planner has the most comprehensive, two-way integration with Intelligent Office [iO] currently available. It will save you hours of time. What used to take six to eight hours to perform a client review can now be reduced to less than an hour and firms have seen annual productivity benefits, worth more than £17,000 per adviser, as a result.

Built in close partnership with advice firms, Dynamic Planner’s Client Review provides firms with a process which is quicker, easier and which consistently delivers good client outcomes. It provides confirmation of ongoing suitability in a beautiful, magazine-quality report created at the touch of a button.


Normally £160.00 (exc. VAT)

£ 93.45 per user/per month

  • Risk and Sustainability Profiling
  • Suitability
  • Portfolio Review
  • Fund Search
  • Cash flow Modelling

Frequently asked questions

What are the differences between Dynamic Planner Lite and Dynamic Planner Full?

Does everyone at my firm have to have the same type of licence?

Yes. To ensure smooth running of the service, you must all have the same licence type.

What about support licences?

Support licences too must be the same level as adviser licences.

Licencing Dynamic Planner Lite

Am I tied in for a specific timeframe when I buy a licence?

Yes. Once you have chosen your licence package, you will be committed for a 12-month period.

How much notice do I have to give to cancel my licence?

You will be locked in for a 12-month period. If you decide you want to cancel your licence after the initial 12 months, you must submit three months’ notice in writing to dynamicplanner@tenetgroup.co.uk

Changing your Dynamic Planner package

Can I change my Dynamic Planner package at any point?

You can upgrade to Dynamic Planner Full at any point. However, you cannot downgrade to Dynamic Planner Lite until the end of the initial 12-month period.

General Dynamic Planner FAQ

Does Dynamic Planner offer me an end-to-end investment process?

Yes, it does. Dynamic Planner consistently and crucially uses the same definition of risk – ensuring nothing is lost in translation between risk profiling clients and recommending suitable solutions.

Consistency is key from a regulatory perspective. There must be a clear link from investments recommended back to the client’s risk profile. Dynamic Planner provides you with that.

Why should I use Dynamic Planner’s Risk Profiling process over others?

The Dynamic Planner Risk Profiling process is tried and tested, and trusted by more UK advice firms than any other. In 2018, the one millionth client was risk profiled in Dynamic Planner.

It is Tenet Group’s preferred risk profiling solution for members and represents best practice in its investment planning process.

Early last year, a major enhancement was introduced by Dynamic Planner – a 15-question Attitude to Risk questionnaire created in partnership with experts from Henley Business School. The questionnaire encapsulates latest research and thinking in the field.

It is easier for clients to understand and complete; it creates fewer inconsistencies; and it has been received universally positively by Dynamic Planner firms. Find out more.

You can email clients an invite to complete Dynamic Planner’s Risk Profiling questionnaire in their own time, enabling you to focus on the discussion around suitability when face-to-face.

Does Dynamic Planner help me with MiFID II?

Built in partnership with advice firms, our new Client Review provides you with a process which is quicker, easier and which delivers good client outcomes. It provides confirmation of ongoing suitability in a beautiful, lifestyle magazine-quality report created at the touch of a button.

The time-savings are significant. It dramatically reduces the time spent completing client reviews from hours to minutes – and it is the first in a rolling, multi-million pound programme of significant upgrades our users can look forward to over the next 24 months.

Is Dynamic Planner’s fund research independent – and whole of market?

Yes, it is. In Dynamic Planner, you can select and recommend funds for clients from a market-leading 1,300+ investments – including 110+ Risk Target Managed solutions – risk profiled each quarter by our 14-strong, in-house team of analysts and qualified investment professionals to ensure their ongoing suitability.

Which back offices and platforms is Dynamic Planner integrated with?

Dynamic Planner is integrated with leading back office systems Intelligent Office [iO] and Plum.

At the start of 2019, we launched a new, two-way integration with iO, which Nick Eatock, Intelliflo founder, described as the best they had ever released with a partner.

Dynamic Planner is also integrated with 21 leading platforms and providers, including most recently Royal London and Vitality, allowing you to quickly and accurately review a client’s existing holdings.

Who will onboard me and my firm?

Tenet Group will handle all initial onboarding for Members. Once you are set up, you will be given access to four, free on-demand training webinars, covering key aspects of Dynamic Planner’s functionality – Risk Profiling, Investment Planning, Elements and iO Integration.

I have completed the Dynamic Planner on-demand training webinars, but I still have questions. Who can I contact for help?

You can contact our Client Success team, at the Dynamic Planner offices. Call 0333 6000 500 [option 1]. Or email support@dynamicplanner.com.

Our Client Success team also run regular live web training sessions, when you can ask questions about what is being demonstrated. For more information, please contact Client Success.

What is Dynamic Planner’s history?

Founded in 2003, at the heart of Dynamic Planner is an asset and risk model, with a 15-year track record of ensuring investment suitability – using more than 2,400 covariance correlations to assess the risk of tens of thousands of investments and client portfolios daily.

Dynamic Planner powers the MSCI – Dynamic Planner indexes and is used by leading asset managers to risk profile or target more than £400bn of investments. Its technology is mobile-friendly, secure, cloud-based and integrated with leading industry CRMs and platforms and providers.