By intelliflo

You may have noticed a change in our intelliflo brand. This new identity is more than just a logo change. It marks the start of an exciting new era for our customers as we bring five companies together across all the countries we serve.

On March 1 we announced that we are establishing ourselves as a new global leader in financial advice technologies. By bringing together intellifo, i4c, RedBlack, Jemstep and Portfolio Pathway, we are creating the most advanced open architecture solutions to widen access to financial advice.

Widening access to financial advice

Financial advice, literacy and support is often a privilege of the wealthy. The effects of the pandemic made it clearer than ever that we need to widen access to advice to improve people’s financial wellbeing. At intelliflo, we want to support you in your mission to help more people achieve their personal and professional goals through better long-term financial decisions. We want to create a seamless advisory experience, so that you can focus on what really matters: advising your clients.

Supporting choice

We have long championed the importance of choice for our adviser community. While we work toward a more holistic offer for our customers, we also recognise the power of connecting intelliflo’s open architecture solutions with third party software. Last week’s announcement does not change that.

We take pride in providing open architecture solutions and remain committed to supporting and expanding our integrations to better serve our customers. This is achieved through our rich and open API framework, developer hub and Store that enables third parties to integrate into our solutions.

At the same time, we know that for a growing proportion of advice firms, the option of a technology stack that provides everything in one place is increasingly compelling. End-to-end solutions can solve a broad set of adviser and home office needs, helping you enhance the efficiency of your work and deliver your services to more people, unlocking previously inaccessible growth and revenues while you focus on expanding and improving your client relationships.

We will be working with our customers throughout 2021 to make sure you can take full advantage of the new intelliflo solutions. In the meantime, you won’t experience any changes to our services and your customer services team will remain the same, so you’ll continue to have access to the same great local, in market support.

The new brand reflects that we are now a truly global player operating across a range of nations with holistic functionality built on solid foundations. All supported by a breadth of customer-focused technologies, people, talent and capabilities that is genuinely unmatched in the industry.

We are excited by the opportunity and responsibility we have in helping your business thrive and grow. Welcome to intelliflo.