The team at Dynamic Planner have grown rapidly during Covid, meaning many members began roles in varying levels of lockdown in the UK. However, the award-winning firm’s commitment to remote and hybrid working has helped new starters hit the ground running in the field of financial planning technology.

Amanda Thorpe is currently Product Owner for parts of Dynamic Planner, which deal with annual reviews and recommendations for retail investors. She joined in May 2021, having previously worked as a chartered tax adviser and then as a product owner for a tax return software company.

What was it like starting a new job during the pandemic?

It’s actually not been that weird. It’s a nice place to work, very friendly. There’s a good programme here in the first few weeks, with sessions with representatives from different departments who talk you through what they do, which helped with understanding the business. My first day, I was lucky enough to go into the office for a meeting. Then, when the restrictions allowed, a few of us started going into the office on Thursdays, just because it’s good to do some things in person.

How long did it take you to feel confident in your new role?

At first it felt like there was a lot to learn, but I focused on how I was changing and progressing month to month. By the end of month three I felt that I could have conversations with our clients in which I really knew what I was talking about. This company is very, very good at getting feedback from customers, so there’s a lot of client interaction in my role, which is really useful for what we’re trying to achieve.

What do you think might attract other people to Dynamic Planner?

Probably the fact that the company is growing and everyone is feeding into it. Even in the six months I’ve been here, we’ve gone through changes where we’re trying to figure out what processes work best, what improvements we can make, how we can get the most out of what we’re doing. There’s an opportunity to really shape where the company is going.

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