threesixty Services

threesixty services has partnered with Dynamic Planner to provide you and your firm with access to a special, bespoke version of the award-winning financial planning system.

What does it include? Everything our 7,000-plus users enjoy access to, alongside threesixty suitability letters, approved and ready for you to use; a threesixty approved funds list, containing 330+ risk profiled solutions for you to research and recommend to clients; threesixty managed model portfolios, providing you have paid threesixty for this service; and threesixty product factsheets. threesixty members also receive a discount on the price of a normal Dynamic Planner licence.

What is Dynamic Planner’s history?

Founded in 2003, at the heart of Dynamic Planner is an asset and risk model, with a 15-year track record of ensuring investment suitability – using more than 2,400 covariance correlations to assess the risk of tens of thousands of investments and client portfolios daily.

Dynamic Planner powers the MSCI – Dynamic Planner indexes and is used by leading asset managers to risk profile or target more than £400bn of investments. Its technology is mobile-friendly, secure, cloud-based and integrated with leading industry CRMs and platforms and providers.

One system. One definition of risk

Dynamic Planner is a complete and yet flexible system for all of your firm’s planning and suitability needs, using an independent standard for risk profiling throughout to ensure nothing is ever lost in translation in the planning and advice process.

It uses a single definition of risk throughout – from risk profiling a client and their existing portfolio, to more than 1,400+ funds, risk profiled each quarter for you to research and recommend to clients. Dynamic Planner’s Client Review process and report, launched in the summer of 2019, enables you to meet annual MiFID II requirements; make significant time-savings; and demonstrate the value you add for clients in the planning and advice process.