Scaling Planning Firms

Regardless of the size of your firm, the wealth and financial planning market, its regulations and advice itself are broadly the same. Yet, as you grow, new challenges and opportunities present themselves in how to organise your business in a controlled and efficient way.

Dynamic Planner provides a robust advice framework, which scales with you as you grow. You can tailor it to the needs of your business. Single Dynamic Planner users can be reassured that they can safely conduct advice using the system.

One system for all your financial planning needs …

As a senior manager of a larger firm with hundreds or thousands of Dynamic Planner users, the same system will give you the same reassurance. Additional governance, controls and monitoring are built in:

  • A licence hierarchy that can extend to cover any size or shape of business
  • Target Market tool to assess, design and project your distribution strategy, panels and centralised investment propositions in a controlled and consistent way
  • Report configuration that allows you to put your brand guidelines, corporate voice and your regulatory wording into your suitability disclosure and other client-facing material
  • Real-time monitoring, exception reporting and MI
  • All underpinned by a user experience that advisers like to use and outputs that clients understand

… enabling you to meet regulatory requirements

The Dynamic Planner system has been built entirely with the end investor at its heart. It began with the aim of the client being happy at every review and building everything to make that true. It uses MiFID II and PROD as instruction manuals, and using it today means that you should naturally meet the Consumer Duty.

From the first contact and throughout the client’s journey, consistent, proven and leading-edge behavioural psychology and capital market assumptions are used so that nothing is lost in translation.

The risk and the harm are in the gaps, so Dynamic Planner removes them. It can accurately risk profile any combination of assets and underlying holdings, working closely with asset managers, so whatever your investment proposition, partnership or vertical integration, Dynamic Planner can support it seamlessly.

Dynamic Planner has an open API [Application Programming Interface] and already integrates with major platforms and back offices, enabling it to be the client-focused digital advice component of your overall technology. If you don’t have Dynamic Planner in your business, how do you expect to compete with or attract all the firms and advisers who do?