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Bordier UK

Bordier UK is an award-winning specialist investment manager that provides investment management solutions to advisers and their clients in the UK and around the world. For over 30 years we have been committed to working closely with advisers to develop a comprehensive and flexible range of high-quality services to meet the demands of a modern adviser business.

We are part of the Bordier Group, which is built on solid foundations with a strong Tier 1 capital ratio of 35%. Established in Geneva in 1844, the Bordier Group operates in six countries across three continents, managing assets of circa £14.4bn for approximately 4,400 families.


Risk Targeted Decumulation Managed Service

Our Risk Targeted Decumulation (‘RTD’) Managed Service shifts the focus from performance-driven accumulation to investment strategies that put capital preservation first, and seeks to minimise the risk of eroding capital values in falling markets whilst your client takes a fixed regular income.

Importantly, the RTD Managed Service provides peace of mind for:

  1. Advisers with concerns over risk-profiled solutions, which can drift outside of their risk band or whose rating is subject to change; and
  2. Clients worried about taking undue risk and seeking a smoother retirement journey.

Our three actively managed RTD investment strategies provide different levels of risk and expected return, with each targeted to a particular Dynamic Planner decumulation risk profile (4-6).

The models are checked on a monthly basis to ensure they stay within the expected value at risk (’VAR’) boundaries assigned to the Dynamic Planner decumulation risk profiles, whilst offering suitable exposure to at least six asset classes included within the respective Dynamic Planner asset allocations.

“Our Risk Targeted Decumulation (‘RTD’) Managed Service shifts the focus from performance-driven accumulation to investment strategies that put capital preservation first”

Why Bordier UK

  • Dynamic Planner RMD: each strategy is managed within the agreed Dynamic Planner risk boundary, which means the strategies do not drift, to assist you with your ongoing client suitability.
  • Robust and repeatable: our central investment process ensures consistent implementation of asset allocation and fund selection relevant to each client’s risk profile, and provides consistent outcomes across client portfolios.
  • Risk management: consistent implementation ensures appropriate risk management and reward relevant to each client’s risk profile.
  • Active management: we make decisions on behalf of clients, either to participate in opportunities or protect against volatility relevant to a client’s risk profile.
  • Reassurance: by operating within tighter risk constraints the solutions provide greater control over value at risk, which should assist you with your cashflow modelling assumptions.
  • Multi-asset approach: we invest in a broad cross-section of asset classes, many of which behave differently to the stockmarket as a whole.
  • Alignment of interests: a genuine partnership with you and your client, with our Principals’ money invested alongside your clients’. We do not have any in-house products and importantly no in-house funds are used in the portfolios.