Communicating with your clients

In Dynamic Planner, you can quickly create professional reports to communicate with your clients at different points in the advice process. Below, you can view, and if you wish download, examples of Dynamic Planner reports communicating with a client their client profile; at annual review; their cash flow plan; and a final recommendation. There is also a report enabling your firm to evidence and document internally completed target market analysis of your clients.

Client profiling

Document and report to a client their risk and sustainability profile; the Dynamic Planner benchmark asset allocation for their profile; and the last 12 month’s performance for the benchmark allocation.

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Cash flow

Document and report to a client their current income and expenditure; how long their portfolio is projected to last; a visual income and expenditure forecast; and their wealth forecast.

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Client review

Document and report to a client at their annual review – are they on track; the change in value of their portfolio; its asset allocation; performance over the last 12 months; and next steps.

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Document and report to a client your recommendation for their portfolio; your recommended changes; the reasons behind them; things for them to first consider; and costs and charges.

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Target markets

Document and report internally your firm’s analysis of a defined target market of clients; its definition and demographic; positive and negative screening criteria; and associated product and platform research.

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Your guide to Dynamic Planner. What value can you gain from the system Including, overviews of each process, 2024 upgrades, and the value you can gain from Dynamic Planner.

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