Communicating a recommendation clearly to a client, in terms that they understand, has only fallen under greater scrutiny under the Consumer Duty.
Dynamic Planner enables you to communicate recommendations efficiently and professionally to clients, in line with existing MiFID II regulation. In Dynamic Planner, you can recommend new investments; rebalances; fund switches; top-ups; contributions; encashments; and withdrawals.

Maximise efficiencies by ‘saving’ your client to a target market you have defined. Once you have, all future recommendations to a client automatically pull through any fund or product shortlists saved to your target market. Against the backdrop of PROD and Consumer Duty, consistently deliver a good outcome for your client, one they value.

Communicate your value to a client

Link your recommendation to a review for a client. For analysis and insight, select the client’s risk profile, and view all a client’s current holdings before focusing your recommendation on a selected arrangement. See your recommendation’s impact on risk within the portfolio.

Communication in a report to a client recaps their objectives; the reasons behind your recommendation; important things for them to consider; and costs and charges. Reports mirror the magazine-quality feel of others you can create in Dynamic Planner, ensuring you are communicating consistently, using simple language that your client understands and analysis they grow to value and trust.


  • Communicate recommendations clearly to your firm’s clients…
  • Recommend a rebalance. Fund switch…
  • A top-up. And withdrawal
  • Efficiently report them, prior to the transaction, in line with MiFID II
  • Reports mirror format and analysis of other Dynamic Planner reports
Using Dynamic Planner, [our process is] more streamlined. We’ve been able to turn off three to four pieces of software we were using, saving between £200 and £250 per month
Simon Drake
Bainlye Drake Wealth

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