Junior Product Analyst

Location: Hybrid / Reading

Role Purpose

To gain experience in and contribute to all aspects of the product development process so that you can support and add value to the team whilst developing your knowledge and career within the product team at Dynamic Planner.

The Junior Product Analyst will work within one of the sprint teams across a broad range of areas of product development. There will also be dedicated time spent across the product team to develop knowledge and understanding:

  • Customer Insight – focusing on gathering customer/user feedback to understand challenges and needs.
  • Product Ownership – to research, design and specify enhancements to Dynamic Planner to help solve our users’ problems.
  • User Experience – to help our software solve the user’s problems in an effortless and intuitive way.
  • Business Intelligence – to analyse the data we collect, investigate usage trends and gain valuable insights.
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What does the Product team do?

  • We talk to users to understand the challenges they face
  • We design innovative and engaging solutions to these problems
  • We collaborate with Developers, Testers, Project Managers and a broad set of internal stakeholders to build and release enhancements
  • We validate that we’ve solved the problems by talking to our users and by looking at analytics and usage data

Career development

  • Junior Product Analyst: To work within one of the sprint teams across a broad range of areas
  • Product Analyst: Provide focused support to the team
  • Product Owner: Own and drive forward an area of our product
  • UX Designer / Customer Insight: Understand our users, gather feedback and design engaging solutions
  • BI Analyst: Provide analytical support to drive product growth

Key stakeholders

  • Product Owners
  • Customer Insight Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Manager
  • User Experience Manager

Competencies (knowledge/skills/experience)

  • Data Analysis
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Data visualization
  • Power BI
  • Tableau
  • Excellent written and oral communication

Education & Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree in computer science, business, economics, mathematics, or any related field

I love coming into work every day at Dynamic Planner. I feel valued as an individual and enjoy great relationships with really talented people right across the organisation.
Glenn Bryant
Content and Communications Executive
I never feel like a number on a spreadsheet. And I love being able to work flexibly. I start my day at 8am. I’m a morning person. That really suits me.
Claire Bull
Product Owner

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