Open API

Dynamic Planner, the financial planning system, has happy similarities with its Open API. Working with it is more time and cost-efficient, enabling your development teams to be nimbler, more agile and more innovative, improving the value of integrated systems for their users.

Dynamic Planner’s Open API is outward-looking, rather than blindly exposing its internals, reflecting how other systems view data in the wider financial technology ecosystem. In that spirit, it invites third parties to efficiently integrate with Dynamic Planner, however they wish, pinpointing, for instance, specific processes, to seamlessly and meaningfully push in and pull out data for the benefit of users.

The Open API speaks a common language third parties can more quickly translate into effective integrations, saving valuable development time and freeing teams to focus more on innovation and end user experience. Integrations with third parties, like Time4Advice and its CURO system, are already being built successfully, enabling investors’ personal information to be efficiently and safely shared.

Background and challenges

Dynamic Planner supports the provision of compliant financial advice to retail investors – from capturing people’s personal details, through analysis of their finances and forecasting their financial future, to generating reports. Users access it through a web application. Its data and functionality are also exposed through a set of web services collectively called Open Dynamic Planner.

Integration, or a lack of it, is a leading technology challenge for financial planning firms, who typically adopt multiple systems criss-crossing their processes. However, the subsequent rekeying or resourcing of data and information about their clients is inefficient. It also invites human error into the process. Integrating two or more systems together leads to the Synergy Effect where the combination of the systems is greater than the sum of their individual parts.

Dynamic Planner users, professionals from financial advice firms, value efficient data flow to and from Dynamic Planner. Dynamic Planner’s Open API makes it simpler to achieve this, delivering the more integrated experience users are demanding.

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