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The Dynamic Planner Journal

Dynamic Planner boosts DFM research capabilities

Dynamic Planner, the UK’s leading risk based financial planning system, has added a new level of granularity to researching and reviewing the performance of DFM model portfolios. As part of Dynamic Planner’s continued expansion of its in Research capability, past performance for over 900 DFM MPS solutions currently risk profiled has been added and Dynamic […]

What eye tracking tells us about presenting past performance to clients

by Dr Louis Williams, Head of Psychology and Behavioural Science How do your clients interpret past performance? Is the information you provide valuable, or could it be leading them to make poor decisions? Under the consumer understanding outcome of Consumer Duty, the FCA wants firms to support customers to make informed decisions by giving them […]

Finding balance in a concentrated investment world

By Andrzej Pioch, Lead Fund Manager, L&G Multi-Index Funds A typical broad global equity benchmark has around two-thirds of its stocks domiciled in the US1. Perhaps unsurprisingly, global equity indices therefore share the majority of their top 10 constituents with US equity indices, and the typical overall portfolio overlap between the two is currently over […]

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