Research Data

Information feeding into research in Dynamic Planner comes direct from asset managers, product providers and investment platforms.

For risk profiled solutions, the Investment Services team at Dynamic Planner receive details of a fund’s holdings, trading and tactics to provide you and your clients with the most accurate assessment of its expected risk and reward.

For non-risk profiled solutions in Dynamic Planner, information like past performance, factsheets and asset allocation comes from FE fundinfo. Asset allocation information here is not as detailed or accurate as it is for a risk profiled solution.

A proven 18-year Asset Risk Model

If you scroll down this page, you can view the logos of asset management firms Dynamic Planner partners with, for example, to provide your clients with specialist Risk Target Managed or Risk Managed Decumulation investment solutions.

Dynamic Planner’s Asset Risk Model launched in 2005 and is a process proven in the years since. It is built on academic principles and overseen by Dynamic Planner’s Investment Committee, which includes internal, and external members and experts. The Committee meets each quarter to assess and review the benchmark asset allocations for the 1-10 Dynamic Planner risk profiles.

MSCI risk indices

Dynamic Planner divides the retail investment market into 10 equal steps of expected volatility (standard deviation of expected returns). Each step or risk profile has a 95% Value at Risk (the potential fall over any one year with a 95% level of certainty), while Dynamic Planner provides your firm with a benchmark asset allocation for each risk profile, on which illustrated risks and returns are based. Dynamic Planner’s Capital Market Assumptions are devised in-house. 

Dynamic Planner is the only risk profiling, asset allocation or cash flow planning provider to have indices published. The MSCI – Dynamic Planner multi-asset indexes enable the risk profiles to be put into context of current and historic market conditions, dating back to 2005. The behaviour of any solution or portfolio can be meaningfully benchmarked against them, consistent with a given level of risk.

MSCI has more than half a century of experience in this field, creating some of the most used indexes in the financial world.

We have our own Investment Committee and create fund shortlists and stick to them as much as possible. Very nearly all funds on those shortlists are risk profiled in Dynamic Planner.
Jack Igglesden
Radcliffe & Co

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