Financial Institutions

An Enterprise organisation can adopt Dynamic Planner and power productivity and profitability.

Segment customers and seamlessly recommend suitable investment solutions in line with your organisation’s propositions. Group investors by their overall objective [accumulation or decumulation], by age, wealth, risk and sustainable investing profile, and more. Tie shortlists of solutions to a defined target market of customers to consistently drive value and good outcomes in a final recommendation.

One powerful process for financial institutions

In Dynamic Planner, everything seamlessly connects, so your organisation has efficient control over a more engaging and customer-focused financial planning process, one which delivers a consistent customer experience across multiple touchpoints, from what they view on their screen, to analysis they read in communications and reporting.

Dynamic Planner may be synonymous with out-of-the-box, financial planning technology. But today, through its Open API, it can powerfully integrate to meet your organisation’s exacting needs. To create an integration, Dynamic Planner’s Technical Solutions team will work closely with you to make the process quicker, simpler and more agile. Integrations can pinpoint specific parts of Dynamic Planner, which are most relevant to your organisation.

Dynamic Planner never stands still. It is constantly evolving and innovating to keep pace with change, both in financial services and with rising customer expectations around technology. Today, in Dynamic Planner, a client can be a more active partner in the financial planning process, enabling them to self-serve in many ways and in a virtuous circle, making them more attractive to you as a potential customer.

Invite an investor to take an action and complete any combination of Dynamic Planner’s risk and sustainability questionnaires remotely. Ahead of a review, ask them if their circumstances have changed. What about their objectives?

Replay back to a client what has been previously agreed and invite them to review and make any updates. Invite them to enter their existing savings and investments – alongside their income, expenditure and financial goals, as part of a fact find for a cash flow plan.

A customer can action all of that sat at home on their phone on the sofa. Tailor screens a customer sees with your organisation’s logo and brand colour. In Dynamic Planner, everything is at your fingertips and increasingly today, your customers’ too.

Years of onboarding experience at your fingertips

When it comes to onboarding, Dynamic Planner has significant experience successfully creating a training programme tailored to your organisation. Initial sessions can be targeted to senior people before teams more widely are invited to join. Everything can be efficiently delivered remotely.