Working remotely has, today, suddenly shifted from a nice-to-know option for many of us – to an essential choice we are nearly all having to make.

But what about the technology and devices you are using? Do they work as smoothly outside the comfort of the office? If, for whatever reason, they don’t and you hit an issue, you need support you can trust.

But will anyone be available to pick up the telephone and tackle your issue? You might prefer to send a short email, but who is monitoring the inbox at the other end – and how long will it take to receive a response?

At Dynamic Planner, we have long understood and appreciated the real value and the simple reassurance great customer support provides our 7,000-plus users and clients with. As a result, we have a dedicated and experienced Client Success team waiting to answer your call or email, Monday to Friday and immediately pick up your problem and find a solution.

That last paragraph, of course, is our words, which we deeply believe in – but below is what three of our clients had to say when asked what they thought of the support they receive from our Client Success team.

What do 3 of our users have to say?

Dean Mullaly, of London firm Mark Dean Wealth Management, said: “We love the support you get at Dynamic Planner. You can call the Client Success team up; they don’t try and get you off the phone; they login and share the screen; and they stay on the line with you, right until the end to ensure you have resolved your issue.

“It’s really, really good. For me, this is Dynamic Planner’s biggest selling point.”

David Owen, of Lifetime Connect, based in St Albans, said: “The people on Dynamic Planner’s Client Success team are brilliant and are masters at using Dynamic Planner. The customer support you receive as a result is fantastic. We really like it and have nothing but high praise for it.”

Serena van der Meulen, of Serena Van Der Meulen Associates in South Yorkshire, said: “I frequently request the help of the Client Success team at Dynamic Planner. The service and support they provide is excellent – couldn’t be more helpful.”

Of course, if you are not accustomed to working remotely, it can be disruptive, particularly initially. It’s like starting a new job, in a sense. A new setting and environment; a new view out of the window; new sounds; and new distractions.

But the familiarity of a friendly voice can quickly make you feel at home and settle into your new office. That reassurance that you are not alone and isolated and that help is out there, as soon as you need it, is invaluable.

David Owen continued of the Dynamic Planner Client Success team: “Everyone is very knowledgeable and what we particularly like is, you call up, they ask you where you are in the system and what you are currently doing. Then they say, ‘Okay. Hit that and you’re good to go’. It’s brilliant and stops you sitting there staring at a screen for two hours trying to work it out.”

Serena van der Meulen said: “The value they add makes Dynamic Planner much more attractive as a proposition to an adviser. You know that once you pass them a question it will be dealt with. This is rare in our industry.”