Between 16-19 March, financial markets, as we had known them, were a thing of the past.

If one took data from the S&P 500 since 1927 and the FTSE 100 from 1984, and calculated the largest single day losses, two days in March 2020 make the top 10 largest ever single day losses – only showcasing how shocking falls have been.

The speed and severity of losses have been unprecedented. Markets dropped approximately 25% in only four days. Investors who had experienced and lived through 2008 and the global financial crash shook their heads in disbelief. Never had we seen moves like this before.

One often hears market participants talk about ‘time spent in the market’ or remaining invested, in short. Never has that been more relevant than now – because, once the severity of the shock of the coronavirus crisis is hopefully behind us, one can expect growth rates to be high.



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