Thank you. To you, the UK financial planning professionals – the advisers, paraplanners and administrators, all forming a growing community of Dynamic Planner users and making it what it is today. A financial planning system adopted by thousands.

Thank you to our asset management partners, who work so openly with us to make Dynamic Planner a trusted hub of whole of market investment and product research. And thank you to the myriad of other people and partners, who all make their important contribution in 2022.

The growth, in particular, of Dynamic Planner’s user community is reflected by the increased usage of the system’s expanding functionality, which caught the judges’ eyes in our entries for the 2022 Schroders UK Platform Awards and 2022 Money Marketing Awards, the ceremonies for which this year fell within a 10-day window in September.

Rare achievement

In 2021, something happened. Dynamic Planner was named the ‘Leading independent planning tool provider’ at the UK Platform Awards – before its name was announced again by awards hosts as the ‘Adviser technology provider of the year’ by Money Marketing.

On more than one level, it felt significant. Covid had then been with us in the UK for 18, to say even the least, unsettling months and yet the profession had shown such resilience to adapt overnight to the impact of national lockdowns.

Earlier in 2021 in May, Dynamic Planner’s psychometric sustainability questionnaire was launched, an industry-first, which you, our users, quickly began sharing with your clients to measure their attitude to ESG and sustainable investing. Cash flow planning had launched in Dynamic Planner by the time we sat down for Christmas 2020.

In Q1 2021, a mainstay of the year we could all mark in our diaries and look forward to, the Dynamic Planner Conference, could not be held face-to-face. Postpone? That was one option. But we perhaps took a risk and we determined to translate the social experience of Conference to a virtual platform. Was that really possible? It was. More of you than ever before attended that day and recreated the above sense of community in a wonderful way.

So. Back to the top. That rare achievement of Dynamic Planner receiving industry awards back-to-back could never happen again. 2021 was 2021. This was now. But we were wrong.

“Stop press. Dynamic Planner awarded winner’s trophy at 2022 Money Marketing ceremony,” Yasmina Siadatan, Dynamic Planner’s Sales and Marketing Director, soon shared on LinkedIn.

“We’re the ‘Adviser technology provider of the year’ for the second year in a row. So proud.

“A massive thanks to our clients and partners, who continue to trust us with an incredibly important part of their business.”

National IFA network New Leaf Distribution posted: “We are so happy Dynamic Planner, our IFA tech partner of choice, has won adviser technology provider of the year. All our IFA members use it to help give incredible value and advice to their clients.”

In fact, Dynamic Planner has now been named ‘Adviser technology provider of the year’ back-to-back in 2021 and 2022 by the Money Marketing Awards. And ‘Leading independent planning tool provider’ in 2020, 2021 and 2022 by the UK Platform Awards.

This year’s judges praised Dynamic Planner’s proven track record in the profession, dating back today to its foundation in 2003 and the 2004 launch of Dynamic Planner ‘Classic’, its first iteration.

Judges praised Dynamic Planner’s continued innovation, now approaching two decades later. And they praised its support for hybrid advice, two and year half years on from the first Covid lockdown which made us rethink so much.

Growth, refinement, expansion, evolvement, distilling into a single Dynamic Planner purpose: enabling you to match people with suitable portfolios through engaging financial planning. Why? In the end, so your clients can fund the things which are important to them.

Fantastic developments

Looking forward to 2023, we can’t say Dynamic Planner will win any awards. But we can say the system will continue to grow and significantly evolve in startling ways to help your firm and to help your clients achieve the above.

Dynamic Planner Co-Founder and CEO Ben Goss wrote in the wake of the 2022 awards: “Delighted to have won this again. Thanks to the judges who recognised the hard work that our team have put in working with clients, to make Dynamic Planner what it is.

“Over the last few years, we have invested heavily in the hybrid financial planning experience. Now our new platform is in place, we have some fantastic developments in the pipeline. Can’t wait to share them and see them add value to practices, small and large.”

Money Marketing added: “One judge particularly liked Dynamic Planner’s focus on areas that added real value to advisers, ‘That is what shone through’.”

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