Vitality has partnered with Dynamic Planner to help launch VitalityInvest and enable people to close the savings gap in retirement.

Vitality has launched its Risk Optimiser fund range, five multi-asset risk-targeted funds benchmarked against Dynamic Planner’s Risk Target Managed (RTM) service and volatility boundaries 3-7. The passive range is index-tracking and also in partnership with leading asset manager Vanguard. Funds have been carefully constructed with a mix of assets to optimise returns based on the level of investment risk.

VitalityInvest’s Risk Profiling process – both for advisers and investors – once it is live will be powered by Dynamic Planner, the UK’s leading and most trusted risk profiler, which is today used and trusted by more than 6,500 financial advisers. Dynamic Planner – since 2003 – has helped UK advisers ensure investment suitability, increase efficiency and demonstrate value to their clients. VitalityInvest has also launched a portfolio of 10 funds, actively managed by Investec and risk profiled by Dynamic Planner across a broad spectrum of investment risk.

A Dynamic Planner spokesperson said: “We’re delighted to be supporting VitalityInvest’s new investment proposition, with our Risk Target Managed service playing a core role in its Risk Optimiser fund range. Vitality’s approach, bringing together investments and wellness, is a fresh and positive way to help clients achieve their financial goals in life.”

Herschel Mayers, CEO of VitalityInvest, said: “At Vitality, our approach is to only ever enter a market if we are confident that we can make a positive difference to members’ lives. With this positively different range of savings products, I sincerely believe we can.

Dynamic Planner has its own 10-strong team of analysts and qualified investment professionals in house, carrying out expert, whole of market research to the highest industry standard. It has carefully built and developed close relationships with leading UK asset managers since 2005 and today, there is £8bn in RTM funds utilising the Dynamic Planner Asset and Risk Model.