The Portfolio Suitability Hub in Dynamic Planner allows you to conduct whole of market fund research for OEICs, Unit Trusts, Investment Trusts, ETFs, Life & Pension funds and DFM portfolios.

Dynamic Planner provides a number of filters to help you refine fund selection, based on data it collects as part of its Fund Risk Profiling and Risk Target Managed services, and whole of market data from FE.

Dynamic Planner has provided a Fund Comparison Report for several years now, allowing you to evidence the research you’ve done. Now we’re pleased to announce a new feature to help you visually compare the past performance of funds under consideration.

The new fund performance tool allows you to compare up to 10 funds at a time for a selected time period. Past performance figures are provided for historic period, and the chart and the data can be exported to a simple, professional report. We’ve put together the short video below showing you an example of researching a North American Equity fund.



We hope you will find this addition to the Portfolio Suitability Hub useful. From conversations we’ve had so far, it’s clear that this will save you time in the research process and reduce the number of systems you need to use to complete the job. The Portfolio Suitability Hub has a number of other features you can explore:

If you have not visited Dynamic Planner’s Portfolio Suitability Hub for a while, we would urge you to check it out and let us know what you think of the recent changes. Thank you.