The April release of Dynamic Planner is now live for all our users to access, incorporating changes to tax rates and bands for the 2018/19 tax year.

Budget updates, each year we update Dynamic Planners forecasts and analysis to take account of changes for the new financial year. This means, for example, that the lifetime cashflow forecast reflects the current tax year’s income tax bands. In the lifetime cashflow chart, we show all income net of tax for a more realistic comparison against forecasted expenditures.

Improvements to the Portfolio Suitability Hub – Factsheets and Key Investor Information Documents

In the April release, we have also provided far greater coverage for links to Factsheets and Key Investor Information Documents. You can now find these for most UK authorised funds in the ‘Show research’ window for each fund. This gives you quick and convenient access to the fund documentation without having to resort to finding them on another fund research tool or platform. We also include links to the documents in the fund comparison report, which you can provide to clients to explain and evidence the research you have conducted on recommended funds.

Our fund research tool is being used more and more, and in March 2018 we had our highest ever levels of usage. Included as part of your Dynamic Planner licence, the Portfolio Suitability Hub provides you with a comprehensive fund research tool, including more than 1,200 multi-asset funds and portfolios which we risk profile as part of our Fund Risk Profiling and Risk Target Managed services. Find out more in this short video on our YouTube channel.

What’s coming up in May?

In our May release, we have a number of enhancements coming in support of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into effect on May 25. We are also making minor cosmetic changes to Dynamic Planner, which we hope you will like!

Joshua Knight,

Product Manager