22nd October 2019

Dynamic Planner partners with award-winning platform Novia

by dynamicplanner

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Saving time and increasing efficiencies is fundamental to ensuring your firm is profitable and sustainable as a business moving forward today.


But how do you accomplish that without cutting corners and having your conscious nag you at night that an accident is waiting to happen when you return to work in the morning?

And how can you be more efficient when you are only faced with increasing demands from the industry regulator, which must be followed to the letter?

Dynamic Planner is today integrated with 22 leading platforms and providers to save you and your firm time and enable you to ensure your clients’ data is accurate and up to date.

Our latest valuations integration has recently been released with platform Novia, arriving in the wake of February’s announcement, earlier this year, that Royal London and Vitality were added to our growing list of integration partners.

As one of our valued users put it: “Long gone are the days of searching for ISIN codes to work out unit prices.”

Our new integration with Novia allows you, at the click of a button, to pull through all of a client’s latest investment and retirement holdings on the platform, direct from the source – removing the effort of finding valuations manually. Your time is then freed to focus, for example, on whether a client’s portfolio requires rebalancing in line with their risk profile.

All you need to pull across a client’s valuations – ISA’s, GIA’s, offshore bonds and SIPP’s – is the correct policy or account number. The rest is done for you. No stress, no hassle and no waking up at night fearing the worst tomorrow.

Why Novia? Like us, it is award-winning and independent, offering you unfettered access to market-leading technology solutions.

Novia also is growing and fast, reporting fantastic figures for year-end 2017 and 2018. Novia’s assets under management [AUM] rose to £6.1bn by the end of 2018, following 20 per cent-plus growth in AUM to year-end 2017.

Today, Novia boasts more than 350 fund managers and more than 70 discretionary fund managers, constantly increasing the ranges available to you and your clients.

The opportunity to partner with Novia was perfect to only further help increase efficiencies at your firm and maximise the best possible outcomes for the clients you serve.

Our vision at Dynamic Planner has long been to make suitable investments and advice accessible to everyone. As a result, we – like Novia – are continually evolving in pursuit of that ambition.

We are here to support you, your firm and ultimately your clients’ outcomes for the long haul – providing peace of mind we could all happily use when we finally close our eyes at night.

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