Dynamic Planner and Henley Business School launch cutting edge government-sponsored behavioural science initiative

Aims to help the industry better understand investor attitude to financial risk and improve investor outcomes by preventing detrimental actions

Government-supported work will future proof the investment industry

19 September 2019:  Dynamic Planner and Henley Business School* are set to embark on a large scale cutting edge behavioural science and investment initiative, with the two-year study conducted in uniquely appropriate conditions to deliver groundbreaking research. The alliance has been formed via the Government-backed Knowledge Transfer Partnership programme.**

The key aim of the in depth-study will be to understand how investors behave when their investments fall in value; their natural actions, the time it takes them to act and how the communications at point of sale, periodically and at the time of any fall can be improved to prevent detrimental actions.

Chris Jones, Proposition Director, Dynamic Planner said: “In today’s society and regulatory environment every stakeholder benefits from the investor investing in a solution that is suitable, understood and remaining invested throughout their investment journey; most importantly the investor themselves, but also the adviser, the asset manager, the regulator, the economy and society as a whole.

“Both data and behavioural science have become buzz words in recent times, but rather than rely on interpretation or translation from other works we intend to go much further and focus on the scientific method.

“We are determined to help improve the ultimate outcome for investors through being thought leaders in solving the problems of today and tomorrow for advice firms and their clients.”

Kevin Money, Professor, Henley Business School said: “Henley Business School is proud to partner with Dynamic Planner on this project. We are both respected organisations in our field and it was therefore natural that we should both choose to work together on this long term study.“

The initiative was launched today at an event in London at the home of the British Academy, the UK’s national body for the humanities and social sciences. Dynamic Planner’s Proposition Director Chris Jones was joined by Kevin Money, Professor at Henley Business School.

For more information about Knowledge Transfer Partnerships visit:  http://ktp.innovateuk.org/