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In the build-up to Dynamic Planner’s new Client Review being launched on 7 June, we spent many hours compiling many thousands of words to encapsulate precisely what it achieved for advice firms.

Now we are post-launch and our new Client Review is available to all users on general release, we thought we would share with you an email we received from an adviser, Simon Drake of Bainlye Drake Wealth.

It shows that, sometimes, other people can know and describe you best. Below is how Simon described our new Client Review.

We really couldn’t have put it better ourselves…

“I got set up with a licence for Elements to allow me to cope with the volume of annual reviews I have to complete each month. I currently have more than 300 clients and Dynamic Planner is allowing me to drive efficiencies and allow me to, finally, have a better work / life balance.

“I am generating a case in Dynamic Planner and creating a personalised Client Review Report in just over 10 minutes. We are also using the risk profiling and volatility mapping as the research tool to create our CRP.

“We talked about this software being a game changer, but it is much more than that. I know how the caveman felt when lightning struck and they discovered fire!”

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