By Head of Product, Josh Knight

Over the past few months, we have added a number of new features and enhancements in Dynamic Planner.

An important, overarching aim, threading them together, is providing a smoother user journey and consolidating and re-organising lots of supporting functionality that drives your productivity in Dynamic Planner.

1.1 Document store

First, we have added a central place to see all documents that you have saved for a client. When you download a report, you can optionally save it to the client record. You can see all such saved documents in the new document list. You can also drag and drop to upload other documents to store alongside reports.

1.2 Relationship management

Alongside documents, you can now manage client relationships here too. In Dynamic Planner, each individual you give advice to is listed as an individual client. Clients are joined by Relationships, essentially creating a ‘Client’ and a ‘Partner’ for a specific piece of advice. The new functionality allows you to manage these relationships.

1.3 Intelliflo Office integration

Dynamic Planner’s integration with Intelliflo Office has received an update, allowing you to land in the latest version of Dynamic Planner, saving you a click or two in the process. When you click through into Dynamic Planner, you will be taken straight to the client for which you initiated the integration, allowing you to immediately start or continue a planning process.

1.4 Are you sure?

The final change you may have noticed, and by popular demand, is that we have implemented a sanity check when you try and move away from something you have been working on without saving.

We hope you find the enhancements useful. As always, your feedback as our clients and Dynamic Planner users is vital to helping us continue to improve the system for you. Alongside the above enhancements, I can say the team here have been busy working on some big, upcoming enhancements, but more on those over the coming weeks and months.
Please leave any feedback you have, however small, in Dynamic Planner’s feedback portal. We do read it all! Thank you.

Remember, you can join a member of our Client Success team for a monthly webinar, wrapping up latest enhancements in Dynamic Planner. With the exception of the next one in January, they are always on the second Wednesday [10am] of each month for 30min. Register your places for Q1 2022.