3 November 2020: Dynamic Planner is set to shake up the status quo of cash flow planning in the UK, with the launch of its brand-new Cash flow planning service.

Launching on 3 November, Dynamic Planner Cash flow will make simple and powerful cash flow planning possible for all clients; will assist advice firms in demonstrating investment suitability; helps advisers demonstrate the value they add through the entire planning process; and crucially, gives advisers the ability to use one system and take miscalibration risk out of the equation.

Dynamic Planner’s new Cash flow is powerful, yet quick and easy to use. It combines intuitive technology with a trusted, independent asset risk model – with a real-time Monte Carlo modelling risk-based cash flows calculated on a monthly not an annual basis – critical for clients who are in decumulation.

It enables advice firms to seamlessly link a client and their portfolio’s risk profile, to their cash flow plan – avoiding having to decide upon and manually enter growth assumptions. The final cash flow, as a result, more accurately projects what a client’s future looks like and more robustly tests their capacity for risk.

Ben Goss, CEO, Dynamic Planner, said: “The impact of Covid, Brexit and everything in between has catapulted the ability to provide solid, robust, and risk-based cash flow planning for all clients to the top of advice firms’ wish lists. We spent many months consulting with advisers to identify exactly what they needed but didn’t yet have – something that was powerful, yet easy to use and so cost effective it could be used for every client no matter what their portfolio was worth.

“At the heart of what advisers told us they needed, was to clearly show that they were working hand in glove with the FCA’s stance on demonstrating suitability. Using our Cash flow enables them to do this through our asset risk model, in combination with real-time, risk-based cash flows.

“Advisers and their clients will now have access to ‘one system’ financial planning which addresses the risk of miscalibration – something that can occur if you use different definitions of risk and return in the planning and advice process. We believe using one system, providing a single definition of risk is the only way to ensure miscalibration is mitigated against.”

For more information, visit https://www.dynamicplanner.com/cashflow-planning/