Dynamic Planner, the UK’s preferred digital risk profiling and asset allocation-led investment service, today announces a three year, £5m technology investment into the next generation of Dynamic Planner – ‘Dynamic Planner Elements’.

Dynamic Planner Elements will future-proof advice firms in an increasingly demanding and technology driven market. It is being delivered through a rolling programme of upgrades with the first release launched today at the company’s Annual Conference in Manchester.

Dynamic Planner Elements

Ben Goss, CEO, Dynamic Planner said: “Dynamic Planner Elements will future-proof advice firms in an increasingly demanding and technology driven financial planning market. We have a proven track record of a decade and a half behind us and are trusted by more than 6,500 financial planners.

“Through an extensive 18-month research phase our clients told us they critically needed three things to tackle today’s challenges as well as prepare for the future:

  1. To meet the higher bar for ensuring investment suitability set by MiFID II.
  2. To demonstrate the value they bring to clients more clearly, particularly post MiFID II charge disclosures in more volatile markets.
  3. To use tech to significantly increase the efficiency of their operations and support digital collaboration with colleagues and clients.”

Ben Goss continued: “What we are announcing today is the largest single investment in our 15-year history. The Elements programme is a key part of strategy to scale our position as firms’ number one service for ensuring investment suitability while delivering on our vision of seeing suitable advice and investments available to all.”

The first release in the Elements programme covers the Client Review Process and is being launched today after a year in development. With annual suitability reviews now a regulatory requirement under MiFID II advice firms are under pressure to deliver them efficiently and in a way which demonstrates their value in the context of greater fee disclosure and frequently lower portfolio values than a year ago. The new Elements Client Review Process will ensure firms can do this without leaving Dynamic Planner and:

Development of Dynamic Planner Elements:

Dynamic Planner Elements has been built with advisers for advisers and today’s launch, the first in a rolling programme of upgrades over the next two years, is the culmination of 12 months of development work. A close group of advice firms have been involved in the design and test of this first release. Annual Conference attendees will be invited to participate in an Early Adopter Programme prior to a general release of Dynamic Planner Elements later in the year. All early adopters will also be given the opportunity to input further into the Dynamic Planner Elements road map, ensuring they are a part of its evolution before access is broadened to the wider market.

The Manchester Dynamic Planner Annual Conference takes place today and hears from a selection of the UK’s top CIOs including Marcus Brooks from Schroders and Emeil van den Heiligenberg from Legal & General in the CIO Panel debate. Gavin Esler, the journalist and broadcaster will deliver the conference’s economic and political keynote. The Dynamic Planner London Conference takes place in two weeks’ time on the 6th February.

In the latter stages of 2018, Dynamic Planner extended its fund analysis to 49 asset classes, enabling advisers to access institutional level asset analysis before recommending suitable solutions to their clients.

More information can be found on Dynamic Planner’s website: www.dynamicplanner.com


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