Canada Life Asset Management Portfolio Funds offer a straightforward and cost-effective solution to the challenge of choosing a mix of investments to suit the investment needs of a broad range of clients. They offer you simplicity, significant time savings and – crucially – the reassurance that the funds will remain appropriate for the risk appetites of your clients over time.

The range comprises five globally diversified fund of funds aligned to Dynamic Planner’s risk profiles 3 to 7. The Portfolio Funds access the investment expertise of Canada Life Asset Management in-house fund range, allowing the funds to offer competitive charging structures.

They are available within a wide selection of wrappers, which now includes OEICs, ISAs, ISA transfers, Pensions, offshore and onshore bonds.

Canada Life Asset Management has more than ten years of proven capability in risk-targeted fund management. Canlife Portfolio Funds 4 to 7 launched in March 2008, with Canlife Portfolio 3 added in March 2012. This capability was extended in November 2013, with the launch of OEIC fund versions, the LF Canlife Portfolio Funds III to VII and the Canlife Portfolio TRA Pension funds which were released in May 2018. Both the OEIC and Life & TRA Pension ranges share the same fund managers, investment process, philosophy, asset allocation and underlying holdings.

In December 2018 the Life portfolio funds directly invested into the equivalent OEIC funds. Prior to this, the Life funds invested through other Life funds through a fund of funds structure.

In March 2019 the Canlife Index Portfolio’s 3-7 were launched.

The risk-targeted portfolios at a glance

We have two ranges of risk-targeted portfolios – an active range and a passive range. Within each range, there are five portfolios. They are ready-made, cost effective solutions delivering ongoing suitability for your clients. Each portfolio invests in a range of geographies and asset classes and is closely managed to a defined risk/reward profile, aiming to align to Dynamic Planner’s asset allocation for risk profiles 3 to 7. Each portfolio is monitored daily to ensure it achieves its aims and Dynamic Planner Risk Profile allocations. If necessary, they are rebalanced.