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The BNY Mellon Multi-Asset Income Fund is moving from risk bucket 6 to 5. In this blog we consider the rationale for this re-classification.

As of 17 May 2024, the BNY Mellon Multi-Asset Income Fund (MAIF) has been reclassified as Dynamic Planner Risk Rating 5. This reflects the fund’s robust risk management framework, at the forefront of which is the multi-asset team, who actively manage risk and return on a daily basis and who participate in the processes of idea generation, sharing, evaluation and implementation in portfolios.

As a reminder, MAIF has been a Dynamic Planner Premium Rated Fund1 for several years2 and will carry this across to the new risk bucket.

Launching in February 2015, the Fund aims to achieve income together with the potential for capital growth over the long-term (5 years or more). The Fund invests in a diversified range of assets, from equities and bonds to alternative assets.

Income is targeted at portfolio level, allowing the manager to determine where best to achieve income and where to seek capital growth. Globally focused, proprietary research that incorporates environmental, social and governance (ESG)3 considerations is a hallmark of Newton’s investment process.

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  1. Dynamic Planner Risk Ratings should not be used for making an investment decision and it does not constitute a recommendation or advice in the selection of a specific investment or class of investments
  2. As at September 2023.
  3. Investment decisions are not solely based on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors and other attributes of an investment may outweigh ESG considerations when making decisions. The way that material ESG factors are assessed may vary depending on the asset class and strategy involved and ESG factors may not be considered for all investments.

Performance track record

YTD 2023 2022 2021 2020 2019
BNY Mellon Multi-Asset Income Fund 3.36% 4.09% 0.34% 9.32% 35.15% -12.1%
Benchmark 3.02% 13.2% -3.31% 5.51% 22.75% -1.65%

Source for all performance: Lipper as at 30 April 2024. Fund Performance for the Institutional Shares W (Accumulation) calculated as total return, including reinvested income net of UK tax and charges, based on net asset value. All figures are in GBP terms. The impact of an initial charge (currently not applied) can be material on the performance of your investment. Further information is available upon request.

Benchmark: The Fund will measure its performance against a composite index, comprising 60% MSCI AC World NR Index and 40% ICE Bank of America Global Broad Market GBP Hedged TR Index, as a comparator benchmark (the “Benchmark”). The Fund will use the Benchmark as an appropriate comparator because the Investment Manager utilises this index when measuring the Fund’s income yield.

The Fund is actively managed, which means the Investment Manager has absolute discretion to invest outside the Benchmark subject to the investment objective and policies disclosed in the Prospectus. While the Fund’s holdings may include constituents of the Benchmark, the selection of investments and their weightings in the portfolio are not influenced by the Benchmark. The investment strategy does not restrict the extent to which the Investment Manager may deviate from the Benchmark.

The fund can invest more than 35% of net assets in different Transferable Securities and Money Market Instruments issued or guaranteed by any EEA State, its local authorities, a third country or public international bodies of which one or more EEA States are members.

Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

The value of investments can fall. Investors may not get back the amount invested. Income from investments may vary and is not guaranteed.

Important information

For Professional Clients only. This is a financial promotion.

For a full list of risks applicable to this fund, please refer to the Prospectus or other offering documents.

Please refer to the prospectus and the KIID before making any investment decisions. Go to
Any views and opinions are those of the investment manager, unless otherwise noted. This is not investment research or a research recommendation for regulatory purposes.
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