Our April release went live on 6 April and ensures Dynamic Planner is using the rates and bands for the new tax year.

Income Focused Research

We’ve been thinking a lot about how we can help our users meet their obligations under MiFID II product regulations in designing their centralised retirement process around clearly defined customer segments.

For those clients with enough capital saved to help supplement their state pension in retirement, a popular solution is often a multi-asset fund which has a primary focus on income generation. In Dynamic Planner, we already provide a risk profiling service that covers more than 70 funds that are flagged as multi-asset and income focused. In total, these account for nearly 20% of all fund recommendations made by Dynamic Planner users.

Our new Income Focused Research reports are designed to help you make your selection process more robust by uniquely aligning the key attributes of such funds to the underlying Dynamic Planner Asset and Risk Model framework and includes a relevant peer group analysis.

The latter covers four key attributes, some of which will resonate more with certain clients than others, depending on their needs for high or rising income, growth and risk capacity for capital drawdown events.

Learn about Dynamic Planner’s new income focus research and fund charting feature

We’re running a short webinar on Thursday 9 May at 10am to explore how the Income Focused Reports and our new fund charting service can support your recommendation decisions.

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The reports are available now in the Portfolio Suitability Hub and in our latest release we’ve made it easy to view the full range with a new filter:

Income Focus Reports Dashboard

We have worked closely with our asset manager clients to provide further information about how they actually run the funds, their long-term income track record, drawing out key philosophies and risk management controls, so you are fully equipped when explaining future expectations to your clients. The reports also include suitability paragraphs and fund manager biographies that you can include in your recommendation reports.

Income Focus Report


Other changes this month

We’ve made more small tweaks and enhancements to the new iO integration. The feedback we’ve received so far has been fantastic and it’s great to hear how the new integration is saving you time.

If you have any feedback or questions relating to Dynamic Planner’s new features, please get in touch with our Client Success team, who will be happy to help.