This year and particularly since mid-March, the whole financial services industry and indeed world has changed in ways few of us could have imagined.

The provision of financial advice has always been a very sociable and personal service. Many times in discussions with Dynamic Planner users over the years, I have been told that firms’ clients value time spent with their adviser and those meetings, whether held at the client’s home or at a firm’s office, form a key part of the service and value advisers deliver to their clients.

Given the current need for working remotely and of course providing and delivering financial advice at a distance, below is a rundown of five ways in which Dynamic Planner can help you right now.

1. Risk Profile Client Invites

For several years now, Dynamic Planner has provided advice firms with the ability to send risk profiling questionnaires to clients for completion remotely prior to a meeting. Clients answer them via dedicated, client-facing screens, which are optimised for use across devices, including mobile. It’s no surprise that this feature is being used now more than ever in 2020.

2. Beautiful digital reports

Within the latest version of Dynamic Planner, you and colleagues can download high quality risk profiling and client review reports, which can easily be personalised with your firm’s logo, own imagery and colours. Final reports can be downloaded as PDFs for easy sharing.

In addition, we have launched a Content Hub on our website providing you and your with freely available material you can download and share with your clients, to help reassure them at this time. Literature available to download includes, ‘The value of remaining invested over time’, ‘The value of a relevant benchmark to measure fund and portfolio performance’ and ‘Checklist: Key things to remember for low, medium and high risk profile clients’.

3. My Planning client portal

If you are looking for a way to share reports you have created within Dynamic Planner, in a secure way with clients, then look no further than My Planning – Dynamic Planner’s client portal. It gives your clients an overview of their wealth, alongside the ability for you and your firm to share documents and minimise the need to send documents via email.

4. Easy to use screens, maximised for client interaction

The use of remote video calling and screensharing technology has boomed over the past few weeks, with Microsoft Teams and Zoom being two of the most widely used platforms and both reporting a huge increase in demand for their platforms.

We have heard from existing Dynamic Planner users how over the past few years the use of technology within the client meeting has become increasingly prevalent and this of course applies remotely as well as physically.

As such, while our users are predominantly financial advisers, paraplanners or other office staff, we design all new features with a view that the client will be sitting there in the meeting and viewing. This leads us to question the importance of every piece of data or analysis shown on screen and how that content is presented. Ultimately, it results in a slicker service for all – so Dynamic Planner’s Client Review process is perfectly suited to being used remotely via screensharing, providing you and your firm’s clients with full interactivity and richness of analysis to support the conversation.

5. Access anywhere, anytime

Finally, Dynamic Planner is a web-based service, with nothing more than a modern web browser required to quickly access – and no obscure software or device requirements. With the latest version of Dynamic Planner, you can even conduct a client review from your mobile phone.

Like many businesses, at Dynamic Planner we have had to rapidly ready our staff to work remotely. This involves ensuring everyone on the team has access to the equipment and software they need to continue to perform their role remotely.

We hope that helps with ways in which Dynamic Planner can support you through this time.

If you have any more questions, please do get in touch. We’re fully operational throughout the current lockdown.