Asset Managers

Dynamic Planner’s mission is to enable advice firms to match people with suitable portfolios through engaging financial planning. In Dynamic Planner, firms can risk profile their clients on a 1-10 scale before matching them with an investment solution with an appropriate risk badge.

Today, 150+ leading asset management firms partner with Dynamic Planner, whose users represent more than one in three advice firms in the UK. Users have access to institutional-quality research of investment solutions. Research is independent and whole of market.

Partner with a proven asset risk model …

Asset managers can partner with Dynamic Planner across multiple services: Risk Profiling, Risk Target Managed, Risk Managed Decumulation, DATA and Research. These services cater for both unitised funds and discretionary model portfolios.

Dynamic Planner prides itself on robust, objective investment research. It supports all asset management firms equally within their chosen service, understanding their different target markets which will benefit from Dynamic Planner in different ways. Against that backdrop, an asset management firm is free to select which Dynamic Planner service best works for them.

MiFID II placed an onus on asset managers to demonstrate clear governance around the product development process, ensuring close orientation of a solution to investment objectives and to demonstrate it is appropriate for a defined target market.

Dynamic Planner badged portfolios

Dynamic Planner’s Risk Profiled service is managed by an experienced, in-house team, who profile solutions on Dynamic Planner’s 1-10 scale. They begin with an initial assessment before reviewing solutions each quarter to ensure the assigned risk profile remains appropriate for future expectations. The team accurately determine the risk and return an investor can expect, taking into account a solution’s objectives, positions, and full underlying holdings.

Dynamic Planner’s Risk Target Managed service provides a bespoke consultancy framework, which enables asset managers to ensure their solutions are continually managed within the appropriate Dynamic Planner risk boundaries, and marketing these as such. The service includes Dynamic Planner’s Asset Risk Model quarterly updated capital market assumptions, alongside the respective Dynamic Planner benchmark asset allocations, with advance notice of planned changes.

Assessing the risk of a solution’s fall in value from one year to the next, where capital accumulation is the objective, can be less relevant when clients in retirement are withdrawing a fixed cash amount each month when sequencing of returns risk needs to be managed. To help mitigate this additional risk and to ensure the outcome remains aligned to a Dynamic Planner risk profile, a different asset risk model is required. Dynamic Planner’s Risk Managed Decumulation service is designed to solve this issue, smoothing an investor’s volatility journey and ultimately, preserving capital.

Dynamic Planner enables users to build advisory portfolios for clients. Its DATA service ensures that the asset allocation for single-strategy funds is represented accurately within the system, through collecting holdings level data, directly from asset managers.

… enabling advice firms to research your funds

Asset managers can take advantage of Dynamic Planner’s Income Focused Fund Research, which reviews the effectiveness of solutions where natural income is a focus. It includes a report which assesses income sustainability, capital risk, maximum drawdown and total return relative to the Dynamic Planner risk-adjusted peer group of funds.

Uniquely, Dynamic Planner rates investment solutions for superior performance in the past five [‘Premium’ rated] and three years [‘Select’]. Ratings are independently assessed and awarded each quarter, giving managers of such solutions an added selling point. Asset managers can commission a Dynamic Planner report, detailing why a solution received a rating, alongside using the Dynamic Planner Premium or Select badge on promotional assets. Premium and Select rated solutions are flagged in Dynamic Planner, while users can also search specifically for them.