European financial advice firms

Today, Dynamic Planner helps more than 1,800 UK advice firms ensure the suitability of investments for their clients; save time; and demonstrate value in the financial planning process. Europe too is now in the foothills of a real shift in the way advisers help households manage their finances and prepare for retirement.

Dynamic Planner’s mission is to help firms match people with suitable portfolios through engaging financial planning – in terms of the investment risk people take and regulation firms face. There is a unique opportunity now to share Dynamic Planner’s expertise and financial planning technology with the EU market.

One financial planning system for European firms

Dynamic Planner’s fully localised, one financial planning solution will enable European advisers to review a client’s risk and sustainability profile; review their investments; create a compelling cash flow plan; produce engaging reports; complete whole of market investment and product research; and make suitable final recommendations.

The system is underpinned by beautiful design; an intuitive user experience; and a single definition of risk to eliminate what regulators have termed ‘miscalibration’ in the advice process – when the inputs and outputs of different pieces of technology in a firm’s proposition fail to align.

To underline its European ambition, Dynamic Planner has a tangible product ready for roll out. As part of an exploratory process, Dynamic Planner’s Head of Psychology and Behavioural Insights, Dr Louis Williams, conducted studies in France, Germany, Italy, Belgium and in Spain to understand people’s attitude to risk and to sustainability, supporting the creation of psychometric questionnaires for each territory.